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Update on the FN24 Bridleway Bridge Closure

In next month’s WoW there is an item on the Eydon-Farndon bridleway closure.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter the WoW went to press, Joe Pitt, our footpath warden, received more information from Northampton County Council. According to the NCC the bridge cannot be economically repaired and the intention is to demolish it and replace it with a new footpath / bridleway bridge.

Work on the bridge has been delayed due to difficulties being raised by one of the landowners involved over access to the bridge for repair work and uncertainty over who owns the existing bridge. Assuming that these matters can be resolved, the County Council
believe that the work could be completed in July or August 2014.

Their full response is available here:

NCC Footpath Response 03 October 2013

Our original article is here:

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