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Dr Adam Bone has formally resigned from his post as Senior Partner at Byfield Medical Centre. He will therefore be leaving Byfield Medical Centre at the end of December 2017.

Dr Bone has worked tirelessly over the last four years trying to secure funding for a new medical centre through the NHS. Unfortunately, local NHS management do not share the view that a new surgery is a priority in this village despite the current building being 60% undersized for its current list size. As a result, Dr Bone’s considerable efforts to secure appropriate funding via the NHS have not been successful.

Given the lack of traditional NHS funding, we looked at a recent initiative in Brixworth where a housing developer paid for a new state of the art medical centre through profits generated from building new homes, Byfield Medical Centre have entered into a similar agreement with a local landowner with the hope of securing adequate funding for a new medical centre with money generated by building up to 90 homes locally.

Despite today’s announcement, Dr Bone remains a passionate and committed supporter of this initiative and keenly hopes that the project will be given the go ahead by Daventry District Council to ensure that the village secures a new medical centre that it both warrants and deserves.

The recent display of unjust opposition to this initiative by the members of Byfield Parish Council together with a minority of parishioners has regretfully precipitated Dr Bone’s decision to leave Byfield Medical Centre and the locality at the end of December.

18 thoughts on “Byfield Medical Centre News

  1. Barbara Wood

    I registered with Byfield on moving to the area nearly 5 years ago. I can only agree with all the comments above. What a very short sighted decision, who on earth opposed the new medical centre?

  2. Peter Edwards

    We need to support this application by telling the case officer (Mrs C. Phillips) at Daventry council how we need the new medical centre, this should support the excellent caring staff at Byfield and remain as a legacy to Dr. Bone and his colleagues.
    Note to signpost editor: a guide to registering support to application might help those wishing to email to Dav council

  3. Christine Wilson

    Dreadful way to treat such a good Doctor when he is trying to help the local community and his patients. The practice is too big for the present premises. Dr Bone will be greatly missed.

  4. Carol Curtis

    Dr Bone, A caring, listening Doctor who goes above and beyond..It will be very difficult to replace him and his personality..and to be honest we shouldnt have to…Will miss him greatly

  5. Clare Bowden

    This is such awful news. I for one, was not aware that any of this was going on. I was under the impression that a new surgery building was needed and that all the powers to be, would do every thing they could to facilitate this! But I was counting on common sense, not always a top priority with local councils! A very sad day for our local community.

  6. Angie Petruso

    So sorry to hear this. Dr Bone has tirelessly supported the people of Byfield and Woodford for as long as I remember. I feel saddened that the short sighted views of a minority have led to us losing such a talented and caring professional, he will be missed terribly.

  7. Anita Bowden

    Very shocked by the news. We have something unique at Byfield Medical centre.: talk to paramedics and consultants about the level of support we get from our GPs and they are amazed. It is very rare indeed. I can only suppose that those who opposed planning permission have not needed to use the Medical centre on a regular basis or access the level of support given. Imagine feeling really ill and being told you can’t have an appointment for a week or more. Or you need to speak to the GP by phone and he hasn’t got any time to spare. Or seeing a different GP every time. It happens. Not at Byfield. Not yet. Our GPs know us and give us the best emotional and physical support because of that. Let’s hope we don’t loose them all. Adam Bone we wish you well of course but oh dear we shall miss you.

  8. Ian Hopkins

    Agree with all the comments below..Dr Bone is a great doctor and the ideas to expand sound like someone who had real vision for the community…shame others aren’t able to look into the future and take a more positive stance to support us all.

  9. Fran Shuttlewood

    That’s a travesty. Dr Bone is very highly thought of and respected. Such a shametit has come to this.

  10. Lynda Stangle

    Very sorry to hear about Dr Bone leaving and the reasons why. A new medical centre would be a great asset and is much needed

  11. John Earl

    What a real shame. Losing a great Doctor. Byfield surgery also covers Woodford Halse. Have the local NHS and council not noticed that there are few new houses are being built, and guess what – More people will move into the area, and although they won’t mean to, they will get ill / pregnant etc and need the service of our excellent surgery – excellent due to the people, not the building.

  12. Phil Stubbs

    Simply the best doctor I have ever known!
    His description to my ex wife about pregnancy will keep me chuckling till the day I die !
    An absolute legend

  13. Christopher Hoy

    It never fails to astound me, how short sighted the councils, and a few local people can be. With all the houses being built in this area, we surely need more medical facilities, and doctors. For me Dr Bone is the best GP I’ve ever had, I only hope the few objectors never need his considerable skill, I wish him all the best for the future.

    1. Marian Hart

      Having moved away from the area sometime ago, I have only just seen this and am shocked to the core! Adam Bone was an absolutely superb Doctor – caring, compassionate, 100% professional and inspired hope and confidence. We trusted him implicitly. How could this travesty have occurred? I truly hope that he knows how respected and cared for he really was.

  14. Ross Hayward

    Utter disgrace, they are losing the best GP I’ve ever dealt with. They will miss him a lot more than he will miss them.

    1. Bob Furby

      What shame he will be missed, Nimbyisum at it’s finest if don’t you support improvements for your own village then there is no hope

      I can only agree with Ross

      1. patricia evans

        I have never attended a more friendly and efficient surgery.When I moved to Woodford twenty odd years ago I saw Dr Middleton,sadly no longer with us.I was astounded when he stood up and shook my hand,commenting that he had never met me before.How valued I felt, as a person,not just a patient.They looked after my late husband so well too in his final years.


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