Signposts to the Signpost-5: Parish Council

About Your Parish Council

signpost to the parish councilThe Signpost is published by your Parish Council. The Parish Council isn’t anything to do with the church. It is part of the national system of Local Government and is paid for from your Council Tax.

It provides some local services and owns and cares for local assets such as the village halls and the Great Central Woodland.

The council has to publish details of its meetings, its decisions and its accounts. All of that information can be found in the Parish Council section of the Signpost.

Parish Council members and other roles such as the Highways Warden, Footpath Warden, Flood Warden, Wildlife Warden (and the web site editor!) are all unpaid volunteers. There are some paid parish staff, including the Parish Clerk, an admin officer and bookings clerk and the parish handyman. Councillors are always happy for residents to raise concerns on local issues with them, even though the Council, by law, can only deal with certain things. Council members have to meet various standards to ensure they act fairly and in the interests of residents. You can find details of the standards that the Council follows here.

Signposts to the Signpost

This is one of the “Signposts to the Signpost” series of news items that aim to help you to discover all the information that this web site has. We hope you find them helpful.

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