14/12/21 Council Agenda

Here is the agenda for the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 14th December 2021 at 7:00pm.

Meeting In The Memorial Hall

This month’s Parish Council meeting will be in the Memorial Hall and open to residents as usual but your attention is drawn to the measures needed to ensure Covid-safe conditions for the meeting.


The meeting includes, among other items, local planning applications (including Byfield Medical Centre and a 49 house development on Pool Farm Field) and discussions on next year’s Parish Council budget.

0-20211214 pc agenda 14 December 2021


Download the agenda here:-    Council Agenda 14/12/2021

Parish Council meetings are open to the public. All are welcome to attend.

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5 thoughts on “14/12/21 Council Agenda

  1. Vic Stanyon

    I would like to know how building on that site will reduce flooding. Having worked with the residents of Pool Street during the last flooding incident, nothing that is proposed will help with the flooding that is experienced. It sounds very much like they are using it as an excuse to get their application agreed without ever being able to fix the flood problems.

  2. Susan Standen

    Reasons why the Farndon Road potential development are ill thought out –
    – it contravenes the current plans for Woodford development as per the 2018 agreement
    – the road structure of the village is already over burdened
    – all construction development would have to come and go via the double bends in Farndon Road which are already unsafe. And the way people park on Ash Way would make exiting onto it from the T junction hazardous
    – the potential of 100 additional cars exiting into Farndon Road right where a driveway, an exit from a close and a farm track convene is ridiculous
    – the village does not need a village hall. We have adequate facilities already and if this went ahead the placement of the village hall and where overflow parking would end up would be of safety concern
    – despite ‘proposed flooding relief’ 49 houses would contribute to more flooding not alleviate it with some ponds and if anyone think the flooding comes from those fields they need to see my video footage of the farm track and the river flowing down it whenever the rains are heavy
    – this village has taken its share of expansion. Time for Byfield and Charleston (already on an adequate road (A361) to step up and take these new estates

    I could go on but believe that there are already more than enough reasons against this proposed development stated.

  3. Deanne Aris Beavan

    No to planning on the Farndon road as not needed.
    Yes to the BMC, we desperately need a bigger practice. Byfield could cope with the extra housing and I fracture could cope.

  4. Steve smith

    This village cannot cope with any more development until a new road is built into Woodford . The state of the whole of Byfield is a disgrace . The whole road needs ripping up, all because of the amount of lorries and other traffic. It doesn’t fit the purpose and these developers have no concerns over the extra traffic as long as they get their profits from houses built. We need to start standing up to these developers and not let them walk all over us. Oh we get a new village hall , we don’t need a new village hall we need a NEW Medical centre. You have these houses built you can say goodbye to the medical centre.

    1. John Williams Post author

      I’m not sure but my reading of the application is that the village gets the site for a village hall but the village would have to pay to develop it. No doubt this will be discussed on Tuesday next week.


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