A Woodland Project…

The Great Central Woodlands team is keen to make the woods a resource for all.

The team were approached by local mum and forager Lizzy Farmer with a proposal to create a prehistoric den in the woodlands using traditional methods and sustainable materials.

The Parish Council have agreed to pay the fee for the specialist design and support of Will Lord who has experience in this area, but the groups leading the project needs your help.

Your Help Needed

The estimated cost of materials is £2500, they recognise this is a challenge but one they hope can be met by the community coming together to give what they can to create something special and unique for our village.

You can contribute at the project’s GoFundMe page.

They also need people power, the vision is that this will be a community project lead by members of the community, especially families and young people. The project is aiming to be completed over the Easter holidays; those taking part will have the opportunity to learn about woodland skills, prehistoric tools and den building, “and graffiti” using natural materials and colours.

A Resource For All

The den will be available to be used by the whole community and will be a celebration of what we can achieve when we work together, a symbol of togetherness that will last for many generations to come. We’ll be keeping this page up to date with latest news of the project.

den picture

Possible design for the woodland den.


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