Withdrawal of Bus Service 200

Stagecoach Announce End of Service

Subsequent to this post Stagecoach published an announcement postponing the closure until August 27th 2022.

On 22nd February 2022, Stagecoach Bus Oxfordshire posted the following announcement of the last bus from Woodford on their web site….

service 200“Due to low passenger numbers and rising costs we regret to inform our passengers that we will no longer be running service 200 between Banbury and Daventry from the above date with Saturday 2nd April as the last date in service.

“For several years the 200 has been operating at a financial loss covering less than 85% of its costs during which time Stagecoach has absorbed the losses incurred. This has been as a result of low passengers numbers that have only worsened since the pandemic; falling to below 75% of pre-Covid levels.

“We have approached local authorities who are unable to provide the long-term financial support required and so our only option is to unfortunately withdraw this service.”

The original announcement can be found here: Stagecoach Bus Withdrawal of Service 200.


25 thoughts on “Withdrawal of Bus Service 200

  1. Rach

    This is so bad, whenever I use this service it is full. So how can they say it’s due to low numbers. I can understand maybe cutting the amount of buses in a day but to just completely cut the whole thing. I’m very upset about this, I use this service to see my family as they don’t live local. Not just me but the older customers that rely on it. Please please don’t get rid, got to be some way.

    1. John Williams Post author

      Parish Council and West Northants Council and Oxford County Council are all working together to try to make sure the closure doesn’t happen. We’ll report back when we get any further news.

  2. Rob

    Sadly the 200 has been running at a loss for many years, even when Geoff Amos ran the service many years back before they went bust it was heavily subsidised.

    There are two factors at play here:

    1. Stagecoach are a private company that exists solely to make a profit. If they can’t they will simply drop routes, hoping to attract council funding. Also they’ve never bothered in trying to promote the route to locals – any route in our surrounding area – unlike other bus companies in the UK who are more pro-active.

    2. Government plays another role of course, there’s never been much interest from Northants councils, even when I worked for United Counties a long time ago! As only a small part of the route is in Oxfordshire there’s little incentive for them to do anything, unlike what they do around Oxford city.

    Someone mentioned running “smaller” buses, alas the running costs of a minibus and a single decker on a frequent route aren’t much different.

    If there’s no action to subsidise the route they could possible change to a CallConnect type service where you pre-book rides based on a regular timetable (typically available every hour Mon-Sat). Other than that if there’s enough demand some private operators may be able to step in and provide limited journeys – there are dozens of school buses which usually sit around doing nothing between school runs.

    A local 🙂

  3. Diane

    Well, let me just be driving to all my hospital appointments etc with oramorph in my system, lol. Hope i drive past you all safely. Either that or I drive in extreme pain. I’m not the only cancer patient in the village. I know of two others who are also without someone to drive them.

  4. Christine Wilson

    Older people like us will not be able to get to Byfield surgery, Banbury and Daventry Hospital or go out! We have no car! What are we supposed to do? Rural wheels wont cope with everyone!

  5. Vicky

    This is outrageous, especially with such short notice. At least if it was in 6 months time there would be time to look at other options.
    So many of the villages that these buses serve have no services, this means the elderly with no access to a shop or having family locally are now stuck.
    There are the people who work in town, those at schools and college. People who rely on grandparents travelling to help with childcare.
    I myself rely on the service to visit family on a weekly basis, I won’t be able to see them more than once a month now due to the cost of taxis.
    So many have spent the last 2 years stuck indoors, surely we should now be encouraging people to get out and about again, using public transport, getting back into the towns to spend money. Instead this is cutting off 7+ villages.
    As many have said surely offering less services each day would have been a compromise.
    When so many talk about mental health issues, this is cutting off the elderly from being able to get out, teenagers from meeting up with friends at the weekend and during the holidays, family’s not seeing each other for weeks at a time. People not being able to attend appointments that are essential to their wellbeing.
    Worst decision ever and hoping someone can come up with an idea to keep this essential service on the road.

  6. Jean Kairis

    This is devastating for so many people. Why not a compromise with less frequent journeys. Public transport should be encouraged with the worry about climate change which we have sadly seen dreadful consequences of in the last few days.

  7. Susan parkinson

    It’s devastating for some villagers. People will have chosen to live in the village because of the transport links. If they are working at 75% and they have one bus which does the round trip from Banbury to daventry and back that would be a 50% reduction in buses. If the same number of people use the service surely that means not running at a loss

    1. Lorne Woolsey

      Stagecoach are playing games with the councils by threatening to leave vulnerable people without a service and hoping the service will be financed by the council

  8. Carol

    Absolutely disgusting they have give short notice… This is going to impact so many people in the villages, that have no other transport .. Work, Doctors, dentists, shopping some villages don’t have a shop, some elderly can’t or dont shop online etc.. People could potentially loose their income due to job loose etc… Even a reduced service would be better than nothing service.. A ticket rise even, not ideal it’s better than no service… unbelievably

  9. John Williams Post author

    Thanks everyone, I will copy your comments (here and on Facebook) to the Parish Council as I am sure they will be making representations about this.

    1. Amie Crouch

      Cant they put on a service 3 times a day? morning, lunch and evening for those that work or need to get to appts – and put the price up/run a smaller bus?

  10. Natalie Laurie

    This is absolutely awful!! Elderly even more isolated, hundreds will now not be able to go work, children can’t go to school/college!!! … what are you thinking!!

  11. Keira

    Many people rely on this bus for college, school , work , and appointments. This could potentially threaten their work schedules and even cause them to stop getting an education and money for family living. You may be losing 85% financial loss however think about the possibilities you’re causing for a family who rely on these buses . You’re a million/billion pounds worth company. I’m pretty sure you can excuse the 200 bus from Daventry to banbury. Companies are supposed to their customers and rightly so you should do that too. Says a lot about your company and who’s is running it.

  12. Sue

    This is so bad as my mum uses this bus to get around as she don’t drive and she is 86 it’s her independence so she not stuck in doors please keep this going

  13. Skye gator

    Think it’s disgusting, people rely on this bus for everything, it is a life line for people for a number of reasons:
    •doctors in byfeild
    •food shops
    •seeing family
    •meeting up with friends
    •getting out and socialising
    •hospital/medical appointments
    •maternity appointments
    •getting to the train station
    People have already been isolated for so long due to the Corona virus. This will now stop anyone from the villages or even towns, from meeting up with loved ones and going about their daily life, all just so you can make a profit. Rich get richer, poor get poorer.

  14. Julie Sparrow

    I think it is a terrible idea as there are a lot of people in this village who rely on this service. Particularly older folk who look forward to going out to Banbury and Daventry for their shopping and socialising. I am sure things will pick up now restrictions have ben lifted. People can still wear masks etc!!!!

      1. John Williams Post author

        I’ve not seen anything through “official” channels but I have seen copies of various correspondence that seems to indicate that they would like to find a solution- hopefullyParish Council will discuss it next week.


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