Parish Council: April 2021

Meeting Summary

Paul Blackwell, Chair of the Parish Council, has provided this short summary of the April Council meeting. The formal minutes will be published after the next council meeting at which they will be approved.

April 12th Meeting

The Parish Council met on the 12 April 2022 and discussed a number of topics including the future of the Stagecoach 200 service beyond August this year – while this is under review involving the West Northants (WNC) and Oxfordshire Councils (OCC), the “on demand” Ability Local Service will be advertised and parishioners can register with the service here

Council Tax bills have been received from WNC and the Council was pleased that its precept only rose 0.3% while other authorities increased by over 3% with some over 7%. The Parish Council works hard to manage its finances effectively.

Village Services

The Grass Cutting contractor awarded the work this year following a tendering exercise (Scotts the previous contractor no longer offers the service gave notice that they could not continue) and the Council has subsequently appointed PDG Landscapes (who already service the Woodford Meadows estate) but this has come at a significantly increased cost, which the Council will work hard to absorb.

Other Activities

The Parish Council has reviewed its information technology and will join the domain. This will mean slightly different email addresses (updated here). The Village Signpost will also be moving to a new platform and will be updated to better display on mobile devices.

Other matters considered and/or noted included the Council’s new speed warning signs on Phipps and Byfield Roads; supporting a planning application in Wheelwright Way; attending to a tree in Primrose Walk and the purchase of a new seat/bench to mark the
Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Unfortunately, due to the Local MP taking on a new role in Parliament, his planned official opening of the new Wetland TOP Walk Pathway has had to be cancelled, but the path remains open to the public and very many parishioners have commented favourably on this new facility.

Jubilee Thoughts

The Council is currently considering how it will celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubillee, including tree planting and commemorative benches – if parishioners would like to suggest ideas for commemoration of this unique event, the Chairman of the Council would be pleased to receive them.




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