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The new Ability weekly bus service from the village to Banbury and Daventry will be starting up from 16th May 2022. The Parish Council, together with Oxford County Council and West Northants Council are continuing to press for the retention of Stagecoach Service 200 but this provides an additional service that many residents will find helpful.

UPDATE 18/05/22: From 1st July 2022, Ability will also be adding a Friday service in addition to the Monday one.

Costs & Service Options

Details of the service options and costs (the standard – “bronze” – service is free to bus pass holders, others pay the normal fare) are available here:-

Ability Membership options

Planned Service

The planned service has a bus on Mondays (except Bank Holidays), leaving Woodford for Banbury at 09:30 (return at 13:00) and for Daventry at 10:30 (returning at 14:00). Times are approximate depending on the needs of passengers. You must pre-book your seat by calling 01327 604123.

ability timetable

Register Now!

You can register as an Ability user free of charge or by taking up one of their paid service options by calling 01327 604123.

And you can find out more on their web site.

ability details



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