Farewell to Hitesh & Mira : Updated

Memorial Hall: 7-10:00pm August 8th

An Open Invitation

Mira and Hitesh Popat would like to say farewell to everyone and present to you the new owners on the evening of 8th August 2022 at the Memorial Hall – Station Road between 7pm and 10 pm. Mira and Hitesh hope to see many of you so that they can personally say thank you for sharing our journey over the past 35 years.

Share a glass of wine with them. By popular demand, Mira will be serving her “famous samosas”!


We’re sad to share this news but at the same time we have to thank Hitesh & Mira for all the support they have given to the village over the year.

Hitesh asked us to pass on the following:-

“After almost 35 years of service to the community, having served, in some instances, four generations of a family, Hitesh and Mira announce the takeover of Popsons Pharmacy by a company operated by two young, energetic, and talented pharmacists.

“It is a bitter-sweet sentiment moment for us. We have spent more than half our lives in Woodford Halse. We took on the challenge of serving the community of Woodford Halse and surrounding area in the winter of 1988 when we took over the business of the local Pharmacy from Mr Harry Blackburn. Having been warned by people in the know then, that one does not become a “Woodfordian” unless one has a link to Woodford’s railway past, or unless one’s been in Woodford for a lifetime; and also having tilled a paltry sum of £25 in the first week, we certainly wondered if we had taken on too much of a risk. However, the Woodford community soon took to heart the Popat family and together with our two children became part of the local community. Reina and Rohan excelled at the local school, Mira became “famous” for her samosas and everything Indian, and Hitesh the “overseas player” in the local cricket team! The business grew as did Woodford and Popsons soon became the first port of call for the local community’s health needs. When the opportunity arose to acquire the adjoining premises, owned by Cador Roberts (the hardware shop), we decided to put back into the community and invested into a first-class refurbishment. The local Pharmacy was soon geared up for the future.

“Four years ago, the opportunity to provide Post Office services was taken up under the Post Office network transformation process when it became apparent that there was a real threat to the viability of the Local Post Office because of the change in future remuneration earned by the Postmaster.

Popsons 1995

Then…. (courtesy of Woodford Halse Photo Archive)

“It is recognised that although Popsons Pharmacy’s principal focus is the provision of pharmaceutical services, it is now also the village’s primary hub providing an array of community services.

“Hitesh and Mira would like to thank all those that have shared our journey of life in Woodford Halse and in the Pharmacy. I am thankful to my wonderful teams at Popsons, both past and present who helped in making Popsons to what it is today. Thank you to all the wonderful people of Woodford Halse for the love, support and loyalty shown towards us throughout our time here.

“In due course of time, we will be introducing you to the new owners and are hoping that you will take them to heart in the same manner as you did us and continue to support this important local institution and them as they take on the challenge to support your needs in the future.

“I am planning an event to say farewell to everyone and present to you the new owners on the evening of 8th August 2022 at the Memorial Hall in Station Road. Mira and I hope to see many of you so that we can personally say thank you and you can say hello to the new owners.”

Mira And Hitesh Popat
Popsons Pharmacy — with Reina Popat Shah and Rohan Popat.

Popsons Pharmacy 2022


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