Public Space Protection Order

West Northants To Limit Dogs and Smoking In Public Spaces

West Northamptonshire Council intends to make a Public Space Protection Order that will limit where dogs can be off a leash and where people can smoke out of doors.

The detailed proposals are contained in the draft document below. The draft will be taken to the next Cabinet meeting, 13th September 2022.  Members will be asked to approve the Draft Order so it can be implemented across the former administrative areas of Daventry District and South Northants.

There was a consultation earlier this year on these proposals (originally announced on this site here.)

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This is the draft order:-

PSPO Draft Order

Download or print the draft order.

1 thought on “Public Space Protection Order

  1. A Clarke

    The temptation of overreach by both local and national governments is often used to distract from their inability to provide the basic services they were originally designed to offer.

    e.g. We can’t fill a potholed road that could potentially kill you, but………
    We will introduce law protecting you from smelling cigarette smoke.

    Moral compass a little off?


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