Frequently Asked Questions

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help emojiTry here to see if your problem has been solved already. If not you can email our web-site editor, John Williams: signpost.editor@woodfordcummembris-pc.gov.uk

Problem Solution
You’ve got the details of my company or organisation wrong or you’ve left us out and we’d like to be included!
We want to make this site as inclusive as possible and, of course, we want to make it accurate. Just email us at the address above and we’ll put things right as quickly as we can.
I can’t access some of the documents on the site, like parish council minutes and agendas. We have stored these documents in Adobe PDF format. Many Internet browsers include a PDF reading capability but if yours doesn’t click here and install the latest version of Adobe Reader.
I’ve seen something wrong on the site or I think you should change or add something. Either email us at the address above or use the “Tell Us What You Think” comment box at the bottom of pages.
How can I find things on the site? There are three main ways to find thing on our site:-

  1. Use the navigation menus to look for the subject area you are interested in.
  2. Use the search box on the right hand side of the screen. (Note: when you search you will be shown posts and pages that contain the word you searched for but you will also be shown posts and pages that link to documents with the word you searched for. You may have to follow links to find the details you want).
  3. Click on a keyword in the list under “Tags” on the bottom right of the screen. The size of the words in the list indicates how many posts there are tagged with the word concerned. (Note: this only finds posts like news items, not details in other pages.)
  4. At the bottom of posts you’ll see a list showing where the item was posted and whether it has had tags associated with it. Click these for a list of related posts.

Good hunting!