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The Parish Council is part of the framework of Local Government that includes Daventry District Council and Northamptonshire County Council and is responsible for Woodford Halse, Hinton, and West Farndon.

The Parish Council meets regularly on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm in the Memorial Hall and occasionally at other times for special meetings.

Members of the public are always welcome. There will always be an item on the Agenda allowing the public to speak directly to the council.

Finding Out About Council Decisions

As well as publishing material on-line here, printed copies of parish council information are available at Woodford Halse Library.

Material is also published on the noticeboards in the following locations:

Outside the Public Conveniences (junction of Parsons Street and Quinton Lane)

Membris Way


View the upcoming and past Parish Council Meetings and their associated documents

Meet Your Councillors

You can see exactly who is on your Parish Council, what they do, and how to contact them.

View Our Strategy

The Parish Council has agreed a strategy for the council covering the next five years.

This strategy is intended to guide decisions on spending and priorities for the services that the council delivers.

It is based on feedback from residents and issues raised by them.

The strategy is intended to be reviewed annually and will be used in the budgeting process, for planning activities and monitoring the Council’s progress against key priorities.

Our Responsibilities

Street Lighting



Bus shelters, seats, and benches

Litter bins & dog bins

Public convenience

Memorial Hall & Village Centre

SARA Field

Ryfields Play Area

Central Woods

Community Library

How is the Council Funded?

The services the Parish Council provides are funded through a compulsory ‘precept’ which forms part of your Council Tax.

Woodford cum Membris Parish Council is currently responsible for spending over £220,000 of your Council Tax and other income on local amenities and controlling £4M of parish assets.

Parish Councils also apply for grants for specific projects from District Councils, Government Departments, and charitable foundations.

Budget and Financial Statements

Parish Council Standards

As a public body, your Parish Council has to operate under a set of regulations, codes of practice and standards. Details are provided here.

Code of Conduct

When acting for the Council, Council Members must conform to this Code of Conduct. If you believe that any Member has contravened the Code, a complaint should be made to the Parish Clerk  or to the West Northamptonshire Council Monitoring Officer.

Standing Orders

Standing Orders give the framework for running the Council and govern such matters as how decisions are made, how budgets are set, and how spending is authorised. These are your Parish Council’s Standing Orders.

Register of Interests

Councillors have to register any personal interests that they may have in respect of Council business. This list is available on the West Northamptonshire Council web site and can be accessed here:- Woodford cum Membris Parish Councillors Register of Interests.

Financial Matters

Councillors are unpaid. Council staff are paid according to national formulae. Councillors and staff are reimbursed with expenditure on approved items. No parish councillor or staff member receives an “Allowance”. The Parish Clerk is the Parish’s Responsible Financial Officer.  These are the Financial Regulations governing Council.

Freedom of Information

Your Council follows the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and publishes the information that it has available and how to access it. This is that Publication Scheme and the Council’s Freedom of Information Declaration. Requests for information not available on this web site or in other published media should be directed to the Parish Clerk and clearly marked “Freedom of Information Request”.

Health & Safety

The Council uses a health and safety procedure in respect of its management of its venues and estates. This is the Health & Safety Procedure.

Parish Elections

Parish Council elections in England are held according to the following rules:

  • A council has a defined number of councillors, based on the population of the parish. (In the case of Woodford cum Membris parish it is 14).
  • Councillors serve for a term of four years before becoming eligible for re-election. At that point all those wishing to stand for a further term must seek nomination and face a possible election.
  • If there are more nominees than seats, an election is held and the 14 candidates receiving the most votes form the new Council.
  • If there are fewer nominees than seats. no election is held and all those nominated form the new Council. The Council can then co-opt additional members as it sees fit.
  • If a Councillor leaves the Council between elections, a “Notice of Casual Vacancy” is posted, allowing electors of the Parish to request an election for the vacant seat (if 10 or more residents so request). If no election is held, the Council can co-opt a replacement.

Residents wishing to become councillors should contact the Parish Council

West Northants County Council

You can find out more about how the different parts of local government work together on their websites.

(West Northamptonshire Council combines the functions of the District and County Council as a Unitary Authority)

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