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A Change of Name

As part of the Council’s goal to improve communication with local residents we are renaming the Signpost as ‘Your Parish Council Website‘ to make it clear that this is the council’s official web site.

You’ll see that the title of the site has changed on our home page and our Facebook page has been renamed too.

The website will still carry all the same news and information about local clubs, events and businesses, as well as all the news from your parish council as before.

council logo

Editorial Guidelines Updated

How your Parish Council runs this web site….

This web site is run by the Parish Council. The Parish Council has a set of guidelines for how the the web site is edited, so readers can be confident of the information provided.

At last night’s Council meeting a new version of the Guidelines was approved to cover the rules that apply to web sitew with a domain name (as in

In the interests of openness, those guidelines are published here: Editorial Guidelines V4.1

The latest version of the Guidelines is always available via the About This Site page.


Web Site Changes : April 2022 emails for Parish Council emails

Back in March we posted advice on some of the changes happening to the Parish Council’s IT systems.

signpost diversionAs part of these changes, emails for parish councillors and parish council services are changing.

Previously they used addresses ending in New addresses ending have been introduced. Email addresses will also use a dot to separate first name and last name in email addresses (previously names were run together).

The Signpost has been updated to show these new email addresses on all old posts and on  pages such as the list of parish councillors and the Who Does What? page.

We don’t think we’ve missed any but you never know!

Some documents held as PDF’s on the web site (for example the Parish Strategy) will include reference to the old email addresses. These will be corrected when new versions of the documents are issued but some (for example, historic copies of minutes) may never be updated.

Although the old addresses will still work (they will divert to the new ones),  please take care when using your own email systems as they may remember the old addresses.

If you have any problems, please email:

Web Site Changes – March 2022

If You Notice Something Odd….

After the post earlier today about the work on the Signpost you may have noticed that the address in your browser bar reads “” instead of “www.woodford-halse-villagesignpost”.

signpost diversionThis is part of some planned changes to the parish council IT systems.

It will not change the information you can get from the Signpost and everything should continue to work on the Signpost as it did before.

If you have any problems, please email:

Men At Work…

On the Signpost

signpost directionsWe are currently doing some work on the Signpost.

It should not affect access to the site.

As always with this stuff, though, there is a risk that someone pulls out a plug or types something wrong.

If for any reason the site is off-line for any length of time, we will post on our Facebook page: the Signpost on Facebook so, if you can’t get access to the site for any reason, please check there, or email:

The Missing Link…

We’ve just noticed that the link to the document providing a short history of the village was broken.

It’s now been fixed so if you tried to download it and couldn’t, please try again.

It can be downloaded from here: Big Enough But Small Enough

We’re always happy to hear if things aren’t working as they should. Please email: if you have a problem.

Local Business Updates

Business Directory & Opening Times

We’ve updated the information that we hold on local businesses with a new edition of the local business directory and updates to our page on the opening times for local businesses.

If you would like to be added to these (or you spot any corrections needed!) just send an email to

Inclusion in the directory is free for local businesses. You can find out more here.

Please note that the inclusion of a business on this web site does NOT imply any endorsement by the Parish Council.

Updating Our Local Business Directory

Local Businesses

signpost sign business

We’re planning our new year update to the local business directory.

If you’d like your business added, or you’d like to correct any of the details that we have, you can let us know here….

Business Directory Update

Signposts to the Signpost

This is one of the “Signposts to the Signpost” series of news items that aim to help you to discover all the information that this web site has. We hope you find them helpful.

Other “Signposts to the Signpost” posts, are:-





By Way Of Explanation…

If you’ve been puzzled by the flurry of “Estates Committee Minutes” posts this afternoon, here’s why.

Because the committee meets irregularly, we failed to post the minutes of meetings from September 2020 through to July 2021.  The posts this afternoon remedy that.

Posts have been added with the date they should have been originally posted so that they appear in the correct order on the Estates Committee list of meetings.

Sorry for any confusion caused.

The minutes of the last Estates Committee meeting on 20th July 2021 will appear after their approval at the 18th January 2022 meeting.

Web Site Report 2021

Signpost Update for the Parish

The annual report on activitity on the running of the Village Signpost and planned work for the coming year was presented to last night’s Parish Council meeting.

This was the eleventh report since the web site was introduced in 2013. The current report is available below and all previous reports are available here.

Last year there were 77,000 views of Signpost pages.

As always we are happy to hear of ways that the Signpost can be improved to better support the village. Please email your ideas to:

Web Site Report to Council December 2021


Download or print a copy here.

Signposts to the Signpost-8: Local Support

Help for Health

support groupsThere are many organisations around the country that can help with a range of physical and mental health needs.

We can’t hope to catalogue them all on the Signpost but we like to publicise those we do come across and we keep a page with links to some of them here.

You can also find this page from the home page using the top menu under Local Directory / Local Healthcare scroll down to find the link to “Support Groups”.

Recently we were contacted by Rehab4Addicition and we’re happy to add them to this list.


Rehab 4 Addiction is a UK-based addiction and mental health helpline.

Each year, they help thousands of people experiencing the issues such as alocohol, drug and other substance adddiction and many other mental health issues. Rehab4addiction helps those worried by these problems to identify and access treatment options, including understanding the costs of treatment.

Those worried by their alcohol use with the festive season approaching may find the following page helpful:’s Alcohol Rehab page.

(As always with commercial organisations, the Parish Council does not endorse or recommend any single organisation. Information is provided to help local residents identify organisations that may be able to help them.)

Signposts to the Signpost

This is one of the “Signposts to the Signpost” series of news items that aim to help you to discover all the information that this web site has. We hope you find them helpful. You can find then under the menu “About This Site“.

Other “Signposts to the Signpost” posts, are:-




Community Woodland Projects

New Signpost Pages

The Great Central Woodland is used for a number of community projects and we want to make sure that everyone in the village can keep up to date with what’s going on.

To help with this we’ve added new pages to the web site with details of the various projects that are in progress. Each of the project pages collects up all the posts that relate to that project.

You can find the Community Projects pages here or the site menu at the top of the page under “Great Central Woodland” or via a link on the Great Central Woodland page.

Signpost Web Site Menus

Mobile Menu Changes

If you use the Signpost on your smart phone or other mobile device you may have had problems using the menu system to navigate the site.

Pressing the “Tap for site menu” button should give you a list of the top level menu items for the site. A + sign indicates if there is a lower level menu item.

Previously the top level item did not always appear if you pressed the menu item text (e.g. “WoW”).

It SHOULD now work, although it seems to perform quite slowly, so some patience may be needed.


Signposts to the Signpost-7: Local Events

What’s Happening Woodford?

signpost eventsAs we all start getting used to the idea of meeting friends and families again, all sorts of events are starting up in the village.

Many of these appear on the village facebook page but for those that don’t “do” facebook, we keep a list of the ones we know about here on our Events page.

You can find it from the home page using the top menu or you can always search online for “Woodford Halse Local Events”.

Either way you can always find the events we know about that are coming up in the next few months. And they don’t disappear the way that facebook posts sometimes do!

We’re always happy to promote local events (whether or not they are in the halls run by the Parish Council)  just send the details to and we’ll see it gets included. We try to include all the ones we see on Facebook or in the WOW but in case we miss yours, just send an email.

The Signpost gets over 6000 visits each month so it’s well worth while promoting your event here and, of course, it’s free.

Signposts to the Signpost

This is one of the “Signposts to the Signpost” series of news items that aim to help you to discover all the information that this web site has. We hope you find them helpful. You can find then under the menu “About This Site“.

Other “Signposts to the Signpost” posts, are:-




Signposts to the Signpost-6: Local History

Local History

History SignpostWoodford Halse has an interesting history stretching back to before Roman times.

There are many ways to find out about our village’s history.

We’ve collected up some stories and pictures from the village’s history on this page (find it under the top menu “Now & Then“)

You can see a map of how the village looked in around 1900, download a short history of the village and find out about Woodford Halse and the railway that ran through the heart of the village until the 1960’s.

Learning More About Our History

You can find out more about the village’s history in the Local History section of the Community Library, or you can find more photographs and historic detail at the Woodford Halse Archive Trust. There is also a History Society in the village which focuses on wider areas of histroic interest.

Signposts to the Signpost

This is one of the “Signposts to the Signpost” series of news items that aim to help you to discover all the information that this web site has. We hope you find them helpful. You can find then under the menu “About This Site“.

Other “Signposts to the Signpost” posts, are:-




Parish Council Page Updates

Councillors, Who Does What? & Standard Documents

Following on from yesterday’s post Signposting the Signpost’s information on the Parish Council we have an update top some of the information displayed.

Parish Council Members

James Rose is no longer a member of the Council. The vacancy will be formally advertised in due course.

Who Does What?

Geri Rowe has taken over in the Highway Warden role from James Rose.

Gary Denby has taken over as the Police/PCSO Representative for the Council.

Standard Documents

Council has updated its Standing Orders (the rules that govern the holding of meetings, minutes, voting and communication).

There is also a new version of the Financial Regulations that the Council conforms to.

Signposts to the Signpost-5: Parish Council

About Your Parish Council

signpost to the parish councilThe Signpost is published by your Parish Council. The Parish Council isn’t anything to do with the church. It is part of the national system of Local Government and is paid for from your Council Tax.

It provides some local services and owns and cares for local assets such as the village halls and the Great Central Woodland.

The council has to publish details of its meetings, its decisions and its accounts. All of that information can be found in the Parish Council section of the Signpost.

Parish Council members and other roles such as the Highways Warden, Footpath Warden, Flood Warden, Wildlife Warden (and the web site editor!) are all unpaid volunteers. There are some paid parish staff, including the Parish Clerk, an admin officer and bookings clerk and the parish handyman. Councillors are always happy for residents to raise concerns on local issues with them, even though the Council, by law, can only deal with certain things. Council members have to meet various standards to ensure they act fairly and in the interests of residents. You can find details of the standards that the Council follows here.

Signposts to the Signpost

This is one of the “Signposts to the Signpost” series of news items that aim to help you to discover all the information that this web site has. We hope you find them helpful.

Other “Signposts to the Signpost” posts, are:-




More Local Walks

walking boot footstepsThanks to June Irani for pointing out this web site with walks right around Northamptonshire (and some further afield):-

Northamptonshire Walks

The site has a neat interactive map so, if you’re looking for a walk around Helmdon or Badby, for example, you can just look to see what is available.

(We’ve also added this link to the Woodford Walks page)

Signposts to the Signpost-4: Local Business

Local Businesses

signpost sign businessFirst of all welcome back to all those local businesses that have been closed during lock-down and are re-opening this week….

  • Faulkners Footwear
  • Jets Barbershop
  • Maddison Peach Beauty
  • Mr Mannions Barbers
  • Old School Cafe
  • Top to Toe Hairdressing

And, of course, thanks to all those that could stay open and were able to keep us going during lockdown too.

Although the Signpost is published by the Parish Council and is concerned mainly with local government issues we want to do all we can to promote local businesses and to let residents know about businesses in the area.

In order to do this we publish a directory of local businesses with details of how to reach them and we are always happy to get new ones to add.

The Parish Council does not recommend any business but you can find details of businesses based in the village or serving the village here. We also have a sheet showing opening times which we try to keep up to date. Any local business can let us know their details.

You can also find out about local employment opportunities here. We are always happy to post details of local jobs if asked to.

Signposts to the Signpost

This is one of the “Signposts to the Signpost” series of news items that aim to help you to discover all the information that this web site has. We hope you find them helpful.

Other “Signposts to the Signpost” posts, are:-





Signposts to the Signpost-3: West Northants

West Northamptonshire Council

west noprthamptonshire scenic routeOn 1st April, West Northamptonshire Council will replace Daventry District Council, South Northamptonshire District Council, Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire County Council as the local government body responsible for this area.

The new council’s web site is

You can follow the new council on Facebook or on Twitter.

We will update the Signpost’s pages with links to the new council’s web site as quickly as we can.  We will also rearrange our pages on local government services.

News items on the Signpost put up before April 1st will still carry links to the old district and country council web sites and those may not work. As there are more than 250 potentially affected news items, we do not intend to update those old posts.

map of west northamptonshire

Signposts to the Signpost

This is one of the “Signposts to the Signpost” series of news items that aim to help you to discover all the information that this web site has. We hope you find them helpful.

Other “Signposts to the Signpost” posts, are:-







Thanks For Your Input

Results of The 2021 Signpost User Survey

Back in January we asked Signpost users to give us some feedback on how they use the Signpost.

webs site front page

Based on the results of this survey the Signpost editor provided a report to the Council at the February council meeting together with the results.

Broadly speaking, the results of the survey appeared to support the Signpost’s current approach but there were useful suggestions too. We are always keen to hear how we might improve things but you don’t wait for the next survey if you’ve got an idea! Just drop an email to the Signpost Editor

A copy of the editors summary report is available below, together with a copy of the results of the survey provided for the Council.

Thank you to everyone that responded!


Signpost User Survey Summary


Download a copy of the Summary.


Signpost User Survey 2021


Download a copy of the Results.

Thanks for the Feedback

Thank you to everyone that responded to the recent Signpost user survey. The survey is now closed, although we’re always pleased to hear your ideas; just drop an email to the editor.

There were some helpful ideas and some useful data about how the site is used. We’ll use that in conjunction with the data we collect about what folk look at to help steer the site in the future. Your feedback will be passed on to the Parish Council and we will publish a summary of the results shortly.

Register for Updates

One think was clear was that folk didn’t know they could register to receive an email notice when a posted is added to the Signpost.

It’s really easy and means you get instant updates from the Signpost…

  1. Just go to the front page.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Under “Subscribe to the Signpost Via Email” enter your email address in the box.
  4. Click on “Subscribe”
  5. You will receive an email saying “Success! An email was just sent to confirm your subscription. Please find the email now and click ‘Confirm Follow’ in order to start subscribing to the Signpost. ” Just click the link and we’ll do the rest.

Let Us Know

How You Use The Signpost

3 minute stop watchHere’s one last chance to give us your feedback before we close this year’s survey.

If you haven’t already, we’d like to ask you 10 quick questions to get some information on how you use the Signpost so that we can improve what we do. It should only take you three minutes.

Please visit the survey here: Village Signpost 2021 Survey.

We’ll publish the results here later this month.

All data is anonymous and used in accordance with the Signpost’s privacy policy.

Many Thanks


Editor’s Guide 2021

About The Guide

This web site is published by the Parish Council  and the Council decides what information appears on the site and how the site is edited.

So that you can know how this site is managed, the Council is happy to make public the guide that the web site editor uses.

Latest Version

The guide has recently been updated to reflect changes in the way Parish Council is organised, inclusion of ensuring compliance with accessibility rules and clarification of the role of editor in relation to Councillor’s contributed content.

The guide is available below and the latest version can be accessed at any time on the About This Site web page.

Give Us Your Views

If you have views about what we publish and how we do it, perhaps you could give us your views in our Just Three Minutes survey. Thanks!

Editorial Guidelines V3.1 final


Download the Editors Guide here.

Web Site Report 2020

Signpost Update for the Parish

The annual report on activitity on the running of the Village Signpost and planned work for the coming year was presented to last night’s Parish Council meeting.

This was the tenth report since the web site was introduced. The current report is available below and all previous reports are available here.

Last year there were 90,500 views of Signpost pages. We are anxious to make sure that it goes on delivering what Woodford residents need, so please give us your views here.

Web Site Report to Council December 2020


Download or print a copy here.

Finding Your Way On The Signpost

It was suggested that it would be helpful if the postings with Parish Council agendas and meeting minutes had a quick link to other recent meetings.

We’ve added that to the post for this month’s meeting and we’ll do the same for future meeting agendas and minutes as a way of making it easier to find things on the site.

Don’t forget you can also use the search page to find things.

If you’ve got other ideas let us know with an email to the editor or fill in our survey an add your suggestion there.

Local Crime Map Link

Link Updated

The web site has changed the way in which it maps crimes and as a result the link from our policing page was broken.

This has now been fixed.

You can find out about crimes in the Woodford area (“Daventry Rural”) using this link to and for future reference via our policing page.

example of a crime map

Just 3 Minutes

Is All It Takes

We want to make sure that this web site meets the needs of the village. The Signpost has been running in its current form for seven and a half years. It’s changed over time and so has the way people use the Internet and social media.

3 minute stop watchIf you haven’t already, we’d like to ask you 10 quick questions to get some information on how you use the Signpost so that we can improve what we do. It should only take you three minutes.

Please visit the survey here: Village Signpost 2021 Survey.

Many thanks.

We’ll publish the results here later this month.



Happy New 2021

We’d Like To Hear From You

The Signpost has been running in its current form for seven and a half years. It’s changed over time and so has the way people use the Internet and social media.

We’d like to ask you 10 quick questions to get some information on how you use the Signpost so that we can improve what we do. It should only take you three or four minutes but it will help us to make sure the Signpost does the job that village residents need.

Please visit the survey here: Village Signpost 2021 Survey.

Many thanks.

We’ll publish the results here later this month.

winter signpost


Business Directory : November 2020

Update Planned

We are aiming to do an update of the Woodford Halse Business Directory before the end of the month.

If you are a business based in Woodford Halse and haven’t been included before please fill in the form on the business directory page and we’ll be happy to add your details free of charge.

(Equally if you spot any errors, please drop a line to: )

Please note, inclusion in the directory does not imply approval of any business by the Parish Council. Alkl data provided is used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Search & Ye Shall Find

New Signpost Facility

We’ve been working on the search facility that allows readers to find content on the Signpost because it didn’t seem to be working correctly.

Small Magnifying GlassWe’ve changed the way the search function on the front page and at the side of pages works. Now it should show any page or post (news item) containing the words entered in the search box. If you search for two or more words the search function will display items that contain either. So, if you search for “parish council” the search engine will show all the pages and posts containing “parish” and all those containing “council” as well as those containing “parish council”.  The front page and side bar search shows only the most recent 50 search items.

If you want more control over your searches, we have added a Search page. You can find it from this link or via the menu at the top under “About This Site”.

The search page allows you to search either in the Signposts’s pages, news items or in the various media files stored on the site. Searches on this page may show up to 500 items as a result. The most recent items are shown first.

We may make a fully customisable search option available at some point in the future if we can work out how to do it. 🙂

Accessibility & The Signpost

Last year we posted about our plans to make sure that the Signpost meets the requirements of the Government’s accessibility targets for public sector web sites. (you can read that post here: Access to the Signpost).

Latest Situation

The regulations come into effect in September this year, so at yesterday’s Parish Council meeting, the Signpost Editor provided a report and recommendations on how work on the Signpost should progress.

The Council accepted this and asked the editor to continue, following the guidance provided by the National Association of Local Councils.

As part of this, the site is required to publish an Accessibility Statement in a format determined by the Regulations. That statement is available here:-

Accessibility Statement

It can also be reached via the top menu under About This Site / Acessibility.

Feedback From Those With Access Needs

We would like to get the views of any local residents that have accessibility needs and have experienced dificulty in finding the information they want on the Signpost.

If you have had problems, why not drop a line to us, saying what has been dificult for you and we will try to make sure that we address issues like yours in the future development of the site.

Contact us here:


Accessibility Plans

Last year we posted about our plans to make sure that the Signpost meets the requirements of the Government’s accessibility targets for public sector web sites. (you can read that post here: Access to the Signpost).

Since then we have been implementing a number of measures to improve the site.

As we get closer to the deadlines for meeting the targets we would like to get the views of any local residents that have accessibility needs and have experienced dificulty in finding the information they want on the Signpost.

If you have had problems, why not drop a line to us, saying what has been dificult for you and we will try to make sure that we address issues like yours in the future development of the site.

Contact us here:



(No – not Covid-19 Related!)

Back in 2013, not long after the inital launch of the Signpost, we included this post which described how the BBC had put some of the results of their “Digital Domesday” project online. The original project brought together a description of the UK in 1985-86 with contributions from a wide range of people, including schoolchildren.

Domesday Player

A BBC Micro Computer and video disk player used to present the Domesday material (National Archive of Educational Computing)

The material is no longer available at the BBC web site and can only be accessed through Internet archives (such as The Wayback Machine) or through the Government’s National Digital Archive.

Because the material provides a fascinating snapshot of life in the village in 1985, we are republishing the text here. It’s intriguing to explore the things that have changed (and the ones that have stayed the same) in the intervening 35 years. One small point – the village was pleased at the time that the old railway bank was to be given over to forestry; 35 years later this is now in village ownership as the Great Central Woodland.

So here is the text of the material provided in relation to Woodford Halse with a few notes onthe project from myself. If you know who provided this text (I am guessing the school was heavily involved but the BBC material has no attribution) or want to add comments below, we would love to hear.

Woodford Halse in the BBC Domesday Project


(Or download it as a PDF document here)

And here’s a BBC programme made about the project at the time.

I’ll add some material about this on the Now & Then History of the Village page soon.

The Signpost & Corona Virus

During the present Corona Virus outbreak there will be information available from many different sources. At last night’s Parish Council meeting it was agreed that news posts here on on the Signpost will focus on only those issues of immediate local concern to the village (for  example, today’s post concerning the Byfield Surgery).

We will, of course, also carry any information that local government channels such as Daventry District Council and the County Council, ask us to publicise.

Your best sources of information on the virus are the NHS web site, the information available from Public Health England  and of course, Byfield Medical Centre.

Mobile Menus

When we changed the Signpost to its current look, the menu system on mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets etc.) changed to displaying all the menu items in one long list hidden behind a menu button.

This didn’t seem very convenient as to find a particular item you needed to scroll down the screen and could easily miss the item being looked for.

A New Mobile Menu System

To solve this, we’ve installed a new menu system for mobile devices.

Now you should see a green bar at the top of the site with the text “Tap for Site Menu” (left picture below).

Tap the icon and you will get a scrollable menu on the left (see right picture below) which should be a bit easier to use.

The menu on your desktop PC or iBook should be unchanged.

Problems? Questions?

Let us know if you find this difficult to use or have any questions:

How It Looks

mobile menu

Mobile menu 2

News About The News

Thanks to John Rose who pointed out a problem on the site.

Apparently the Village News Details page – the one that lists out all the news posts with their content – had stopped working. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. Maybe it is just that there are so many posts now on the site – over 2000 – that the WordPress page coding couldn’t cope with it???

NewspapersAnyway, I’ve solved it by replacing that page with another that only posts ten news items per page with links at the bottom of the page to skip forwards or backwards for more. Hopefully that will stop the problem recurring and you will still be able to browse through news items as you want.

Finding News

So now you can find detailed of news items on this page: News Details. It’s available under the Village News menu item at the top of the page.

One problem. It’s not working perfectly – the “Like This” buttons are duplicated and the “Share This” buttons omitted. I will try to fix that in the coming days.

Village News provides an alternative way to get to posts. It lists the titles and date posted of each item, with a link to the whole item with 40 posts per page.

Byfield Medical Centre & The Signpost

Response To Resident’s Concerns.

At last night’s February Parish Council Meeting, the Council was asked to update residents on the progress of the Byfield Medical Centre planning application.

The planning application will be decided on by Daventry District Council, Woodford |Parish Council can only comment on the application and has done so, supporting it. However recognising that Woodford residents have concerns over this, the Council has asked the Signpost to publish all the relevant information and provide as much information as possible.

What We Have Done.

We have added a page to the Signpost entitled Medical Centre Updates. This collects up all the posts related to the medical Centre’s planning application and will also carries a link to the Byfield Medical Centre’s own planning application page  (now live): Planning Application Page.

You can find this new page via the menu at the top of the page…..

Medical Centre Menu Location

Front Page Update

Change on the Signpost.

We’ve changed the front page to the Signpost.

When we implemented the new look, the template we were using didn’t allow us to show a list of the most recent news item posts at the side as we used to.

This may have made it more difficult for people to find what they want on the site.

Now we have made some changes to the Signpost front page so that a list of the most recent news item is available there.

Don’t forget you can always get to any news item by using the list on “Village News” page or the search function at the top of that page.

Let us know how you feel about this by answering the questions in this (very short) survey…..

Survey Monkey Survey – Only Three Questions!


Web Site Changes

Village Signpost Appearance Will Change

As mentioned on page 3 of the 2019 annual web site report, we need to make changes to the Village Signpost in order to make sure that it continues to be accessible on mobile devices such as phones and tablets as well as on desktop computers and laptops.

We have to complete these changes before the end of March and we are going to try to sort this out over the coming few days.

men at work signThis should not interfere with the availability of the web site but it will mean that the way the web site looks will be different. There may be a few changes over the coming days as we try a number of options in order to make sure that the contents of the current site is still easily accessible.

We will post again when the work is complete but in the mean time, we hope that the work we are doing will not cause any problems.

2019 Web Site Report

Each year the Signpost editor prepares a report on the Parish Council’s web site. Here is the report for January to December 2019.

Woodford Halse Village Signpost Report to Council : 2019

As well as summarising what has gone on over the last year (a record number of page views once again but with slower growth than before) it also highlights the work that is planned for the web site over the coming twelve months.

Don’t forget, the editor is always pleased to hear of things that could be added, improved or corrected in order to make the Signpost more useful.

You can contact the editor at:

Memorial Glade Stone

Memorial Stone & plateWe have updated the page in the Memorial Glade part of the site that details how to apply for a plaque on the stone.

A downloadable form and details of how to apply can be found at…

Memorial Glade / Memorial Stone

We’ve also added an updated version of the printable Memorial Glade Guide accessible from the Memorial Glade page or from here ….

Memorial Glad Guidelines

Worth Knowing…

Fix My Street Map

The Fix My Street service allows you to report problems with roads such as potholes, damaged verges and failed traffic lights.

As part of the service FixMyStreet provides a map showing the status of all reported issues.

You can access the map for the Woodford Halse area here.

We’ve added this link to our Local Transport page

and you can connect to the FixMy Street reporting tool either from the map or via our Local Services page.

logo for fix my street

Web Site Housekeeping

Menu Muck Up

I’ve just noticed that the menu system at the top of the page had become completely mucked up. I’m not sure how long it has been like that but it was probably back to when I added the “Xmas 2019” entry to the menu last week.

So, firstly, apologies for any confusion.

Secondly its fixed (or should be) now.

Village History

Also, I’ve updated the “short history of the village” which is available in either an A4 format or A5 format (for those with better eye sight and less paper in their printers). This is also available via the village history page.

Woodford's History, cover page

Business Directory Update

Updated Directory & Opening Times

When we updated the Business Directory last month we missed out Laurence Tremayne, the new estate agents in Station Road. We’ve corrected that in this update.

Here’s our latest directory and our list of opening times.

Business Directory December 2019

Opening Times November 2019

You can always get to this information via our Business Directory page.

If we’ve got something wrong, or if you’d like to update or add details, please let us know:

Local Business

Updated Directory & Opening Times

We are always happy to promote businesses based in Woodford. Here’s our latest directory and our list of opening times.

Business Directory November 2019

Opening Times November 2019

You can always get to this information via our Business Directory page.

If we’ve got something wrong, or if you’d like to update or add details, please let us know:

Accessibility Update

Changes To The Signpost

Back in May we published this post discussing the work we plan to do in order that this web site meets Web Site Accessibility Regulations.

Accessibility KeyboardWe have installed a tool to help monitor the site and highlight areas that need to be corrected and so you may see changes as the parts of the site that do not comply with the standard are updated. Many of these changes may be hardly noticeable to most users but the changes will make it easier for all users to access what we hope is useful local information.

If you spot any problems or you have suggestions for accessibility (or any other!) improvements to the web site, please let us know:

Walks Page Updated

We just spotted these walks on a Facebook page and decided to share them here on the Woodford Walks page, for those that don’t use Facebook……

Bill Reid, who was a fireman and used to work coal trains too and from Woodford via Oxford and Banbury in the latter couple of years up to closure, has created a page with walks around Woodford’s railway past. You can find them here: Woodford Halse Railway Walks.

The pages include current and old photographs of the areas walked.

August 2019 Business Directory Update

New additions to the Business Directory this month include:-

JS Technology

JS Services LogoJohn Stoton lives in Woodford Halse. His business, based in Banbury, offers a range of IT services including:-

  • PC built to your specification
  • TV set-up
  • PC problem-solving including virus clean up, disk recovery, operating systems install and update
  • Installing PC add-ons
  • Home networks & wifi setup.

You can learn more on his Facebook page: JStechnologyBanbury/services/

Arkadia Alpacas

Arkadia AlpacasGreat Ground Farm, on Hinton Road, is the home of Arkadia Alpacas. They offer the opportunity to spend time with their friendly, gentle and curious animals.

As well as “walking with Alpacas” experiences, they offer their own home-spun alpaca wool and craft workshops.

Find out more on their web site: or telephone 07831550118.



We update this directory every couple of months or so. To add your business or to update your details please fill in the form here or contact

You can download the directory here: Woodford Business Directory August 2019 Edition.

Or from the Business Directory page.




Security – Update

SSL & HTTPS://  Implemented On The Signpost

Well, that turned out to be easier than I expected. Thanks to 1&1IONOS who look after the servers that the Signpost runs on, we now have a bright and shiny SSL security certificate.

Having installed it on the site, the site now shows as being secured (see the padlock symbol circled in red in the image below). This means any data sent between your browser and the Signpost (and vice versa) cannot be read by anyone else while it being transmitted.

Screenshot showing the SSL certificate activated on the Signpost

This should not cause any problems for users of the site. If you have any difficulties that you think maybe the result of this change please email the editor:

Web Site Security

You may have noticed that your browser shows the Village Signpost as “not secure”.

In the address line of your browser you may see an “!”. Different browsers may show this differently, especially if you access the site from a mobile device.

Do not worry. The Village Signpost is safe to use.

Screen shot of the Not Secure sign for the Signpost

Why Does This Happen?

You receive this warning because the Village Signpost web site does not use a Security “SSL” Certificate. Sites with a security certificate encrypt the data between the site and your browser making them safer to use for applications like shopping or ticket booking. You can recognise such sites by the padlock symbol that appears in your browser address line and by their use of https:// as the first part of their address (the “s” stands for secure).

Screen shot of a secure symbol of a site with an SSL certificate.

The SSL Certificate was introduced to secure things like credit card details or other personal information. We do not collect information apart from as described in our privacy policy but because SSL Certificates are now used so widely, you may be concerned that the Signpost is not safe.

You need not be worried but we want to make sure that everyone has confidence in the security of the site.

What Are We Doing About It?

We are planning to introduce an SSL Certificate on the site shortly. This should not affect your use of the site.

(Thanks to Patricia Darby for drawing our attention to this problem. We are always happy to hear of any difficulties that you are having with the Signpost. You can contact us here:


Signpost Twitter is Back

For some unfathomable reason our automatic feed to Twitter went off-line a while back and we’ve only just noticed it. It has now been fixed.

Twitter Logo

Not being big Twitter users here, mostly we think tweeting is what the birds on the bird table in the garden do (well, not the jackdaws, obviously…). However, for those that DO use Twitter you should be able to get  a notification every time that we update the Signpost (new posts and updates to pages) by following us on Twitter:





Signpost Spoofed Again?

Please watch out for any emails that seem to come from the address:-

This email address does not exist and the mail does not come from the Signpost (email notifications from the Signpost are sent from and communications from the editor are sent out from the editor’s gmail account).

The email asks you to click on a Dropbox link. Do not click on the link. It may allow a virus to infect your computer.

Many thanks to Wendy Francis for bringing this to our attention. If you receive one of these emails please inform us:


Access To The Signpost

What’s Happening?

New regulations are being introduced to make sure that public sector web sites can be accessed by all, irrespective of ability.

Accessibility Keyboard ImageThe Parish Council’s Village Signpost web site, along with all other existing public sector web sites, must meet The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No.2) Accessibility Regulations 2018 by 23rd September 2020. This means the web site must follow the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) standard (currently 2.0, soon to be 2.1)

We will be working to make sure that the Signpost meets these standards.

How Will This Affect The Signpost?

You may see changes as we try to make sure that the content on the Signpost meets the required standards over the coming year. Likely changes are:-

  • alterations to the layout of some information on the pages.
  • increased use of headings.
  • changes in the ways that menus work or new pages open.
  • changes in the ways that images are captioned.
  • the inclusion of an accessibility statement.

These changes should improve access for everyone by making the site easier to use, whether or not the user has a disability.

Please Bear With Us!

Firstly, the Signpost’s editor doesn’t have much experience of working with the proposed standard yet but we hope that by starting early we can make sure we meet the regulations by the deadline.

Secondly, the website contains much information that is no longer current (over 1800 posts have been added to the Signpost since we started it) and much of this is rarely accessed.  There is an argument for retaining this material as part of the village’s (more recent) history, but equally, it may need a great deal of effort to ensure it complies with the standards. We are using tools that will help reduce the problem but we have yet to decide how this information will be treated in the long term.

If you have difficulties with using this web site in the mean time, please let us know. By all means add you comment on individual pages or please send emails to:


Signpost Spoofed?

Please watch out for any emails purporting to come from the address:-

This email address does not exist and the mail does not come from the Signpost (email notifications from the Signpost are sent from and communications from the editor are sent out from the editor’s gmail account).

The email asks you to click on a Dropbox link. This may allow a virus to infect your computer.

Many thanks to June Irani for bringing this to our attention. If you receive one of these emails please inform us:


Hall Bookings

The Parish Council is pleased to announce that Beverley Blackwell has taken over the role as booking clerk for the various parish venues, such as the Memorial Hall.

You can check venue availability and book on-line using this page here but, if you need help, you can contact Beverley by email on or by phone on 07579 050003.

We have also updated the Who Does What? page and added Beverley’s contact details to the Hall Hire Terms & Conditions.  Please download the new version.


I bumped into someone this afternoon who asked me if I knew anywhere he could find details of local footpaths and good walks near to the village.

Well, I was happy to point him here: Woodford Walks.

There’s a collection of  the walks that were originally published in the WOW in 2014, plus a walk around our railway heritage and some other suggestions too, including walks in other parts of Daventry district and details of the Jurassic Way, the long distance footpath, that runs through the parish.

If this weather continues there will be no excuse for staying indoors!

Woodford & The Railway

Rooting through my emails I came across this Google Earth screen shot that was sent to me by the Great Central Railway Enthusiasts Association. I’m not sure why I didn’t share it at the time but I’m happy to now and to add another to join it on the “Woodford & the Railway” page in the Woodford History part of the Signpost.

It shows where all the various installations associated with the railway were and just what an impact the railway made on our village. Many thanks to John Rose and the Association.


Hall Diary Views

To make it easier to plan your event we now offer two alternative views of the hall booking diary system.

You can either:-

1. View the bookings for all the parish’s venues in any given week by clicking here, or

2. View the bookings for any particular room for an entire month by clicking here.

There are links on each page to take you to the other. You can request a booking from either page.

Hall Bookings

The Hallmaster booking system, that we use to manage bookings for the village halls, has recently been upgraded.

You should not notice any significant changes except that there is a now a slider on the diary page that will let you make the text larger or smaller. Using this you can set the slider to see the diary a week to one page or to have it easier to read but needing you to scroll the screen.

You can see the halls booking diary on this page.

Business Directory Update Jan 2019

We’ve updated the Woodford cum Membris Business Directory, our list of local firms. This is the January 2019 edition. Entry in the directory is free to local businesses. Inclusion in the directory does not imply that the business is in any way approved by the Parish Council.

You can read it on our Business Directory page or download it here.

New Businesses

New businesses added include:-

Electrical Task Force Ltd. For electrical installation work.

DGS Solutions Ltd. For maintenance for residential and commercial including interior/exterior. Gardens; painting;odd jobs;fencing;driveways; patios.

We’ve also updated details for the following:-

Old School Cafe (new contact telephone number)

Orchard Day Nursery. (now Day Nursery & Pre-school)

The Blossom Shop (relocation to 10, Farndon Road)

Web Site Report 2018

In 2018 there were over 400 news items posted on the Signpost and the site had over 82,000 page views, a big increase on previous years. Thanks to everyone for taking an interest!

Each year a report is compiled for Parish Council on how this web site is used.

The report covering 2018 was presented to the Parish Council meeting on January 8th 2019 and is is available here: 2018 Web Site Report to Council.

This site is managed according to Editorial Guidelines agreed by the Council. These guidelines conform to the Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity. You can find out more and read copies of all previous reports on the “About this Site” page.

Subscribers Get It Quicker!

Want to make sure you always stay up to date with the latest news about what’s going on in Woodford?

Don’t forget you can get an email each time we publish a new post by simply subscribing.

First, fill in the “subscribe” field on the right or on opens in a new windowfront page of our site and click “subscribe”.  Then click “Confirm Follow” in the email that you will receive.

We will only use your email address to contact you with information from and about this site. We will not supply your email address to any other user. (You  can read our opens in a new windowprivacy policy if you are concerned)

Bookings Diary On-Line

We are in the process of introducing a new hall bookings system to support events running at the Parish Council’s “village venues”.

Eventually this will allow for on-line bookings but for the time being it provides an up-to-date calendar of what is going on in the various locations that are managed by the Parish Council.

You will soon be able access the booking diary here or you can get to it from the menu at the top of the page (under Village Venues) or via the individual pages for the Memorial Hall and the Dryden Hall / Farndon Room.

The old diaries were out of date and have been removed.

We will also update the hire fees page with the new rates that will apply from January 1st 2019, once these are agreed by the Parish Council.

A Quick Question….

Look! We’re experimenting with the look of this web site by changing the width of pages here on the Signpost. (We know the pictures at the top of the page don’t look right but if we decide to stick with this we will fix that)

We think a wider page will be more readable but we’d like to get your views.

Please help us by answering one question on this survey:-

Many thanks!

Woodford Signpost Editor.

The Signpost

Has Been On Holiday.

The editor has been off for a few days picking up a bit of sunshine before the winter sets in so please bear with us while we catch up on the posts that really need to be done!

Not your local signpost.

Updated Open All Hours…

We’ve updated the table of opening times for local shops. Now includes latest details for the Post Office at Popsons, Mr Mannion – Barber, Interiors 42 and the latest library times.

You can find a link to it here:-

Open All Hours?


Cafe Page

Now that the Old School Cafe is up and running we’ve added a page to the Signpost with details of opening times and how to contact them.

You can also download the current menu.

You can find the Old School Cafe page via the Village Venues menu at the top of the page or you can go there directly from here: Old School Cafe on the Signpost.

Parish Council IT

At their July meeting, the Parish Council decided to go ahead with changes to the Council’s technology support. This involves:

  • installing wifi and internet access in the Memorial Hall
  • providing Councillors with email addresses for parish council business
  • publishing an internet web address specific to the council

Parish email addresses will avoid the risk of parish business becoming caught up with personal emails and are intended to make it easier for local residents to contact Councillors.

There will be news of the wifi facility once it is installed but other changes start to come in at once.

The Parish Council now has its own web address, separate from the Signpost, This is already available and points directly to the main Parish Council page on the Village Signpost. You can still reach this page by clicking on “Parish Council” in the menu bar at the top of this page.

Parish Councillors are able to use an email address such as

Now that all Councillors have changed over to the new system the email contacts on this page and other parts of the Signpost have been updated.

Roadworks Changes

For the last year we have carried a map on the Signpost showing local roadworks.

Sadly, Google are now starting to charge for this service. Since we try to run the Signpost at as low a cost as possible we will not be able to continue to show the roadworks map on this site.

The information is still available but in order to view it you have to do so at

A link to the site now replaces the map on our Roadworks page.


Pages Moved

Here’s another example of GDPR – this time it’s Generally Desirable Page Reorganisation….

Now that the Neighbourhood Development Plan has been voted on and agreed, we’ve moved the pages relating to it so that they sit under Planning in the Parish Council part of the Village Signpost web site.

All the information remains accessible but you won’t be able to see it on the first level of the top menu.

We’ve also removed the Small Ads page, as there doesn’t seem to be any demand for it.

Privacy Update

Thanks to all those subscribers to the Signpost that asked for us to continue emailing them with details of posts.


We are sorry but all other subscribers have now been removed from the list in line with the GDPR regulations that come in on 25th May.

If we have removed your email in error or you find you are no longer receiving email notifications of posts and wish to do so, then please re-subscribe after reading our new Privacy Policy.

If you didn’t know that you can get an email every time we update the Signpost and you want to, then simply add your email address, where it says “Subscribe” on the right hand side of the Signpost’s home page.

Councillor Roles & Privacy

Each year the Parish Council re-considers roles such as the Chair and Vice-Chair and other roles held by Councillors. The Parish Council “Who Does What” page has been updated with details of new roles following the first meeting of the Council’s new year, and the District Council election.

In addition, you may have noticed in your emails that there is a new standard in data protection coming in on the 25th May. Under the General Data Protection Regulations, the Parish Council, in common with all public bodies, has to appoint a Data Protection Officer. To minimise the costs of this to the Parish, the Council has chosen to use a shared service with other Councils and has appointed Northamptonshire County Association of Local Councils (NCALC) as our Data Protection Officer. You should contact in the first instance if you have any concerns about data protection and this site but NCALC  can be contacted as follows:-

The Data Protection Officer

Northants CALC

6 Litchborough Business Park

Northampton Road



NN12 8JB

Tel: 01327 831482


You also need to know that we have updated our privacy policy and practices to conform to GDPR. You can read our Privacy Policy here. We have asked people to consent to their personal information being processed, in line with the requirements of the regulations.

Comments Back On

Now that the referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan is concluded, we are happy to be able to reinstate the Comments feature on posts. (See here for why they were turned off)

This should appear as a box at the bottom of posts and pages with a “Tell Us What You Think” title.

If for any reason you don’t see this on a post you want to comment on, please email the editor.


Plan “Made” By DDC

Plan Formally Approved By District Council

Following a majority vote in favour at the referendum held on Thursday 3rd May 2018, Daventry District Council formally made the plan on Friday 4th May 2018 in accordance with the decision of its Full Council on 8th March 2018. The plan now forms part of the Statutory Development Plan and will be used when determining planning applications in the Woodford cum Membris Neighbourhood Area.

A copy of the Woodford cum Membris Neighbourhood Plan, together with the Notice of Making of Plan, and a statement setting out the Council’s decision to make the plan and the reasons for that decision, can be viewed on the Council’s website at:

Hard copies of the documents are also available for inspection at the following places and times;

Daventry District Council Offices (Lodge Road, Daventry, NN11 4FP)

o    Monday to Thursday 8.30 – 17.00, Friday 8.30 – 16.30

Woodford Halse Library (School Street, Woodford Halse, NN11 3RL)

o      Wednesday and Saturday 10.00-14.00

o      Thursday and Friday 14.00-18.00

 Co-operative Food Supermarket (Phipps Road, Woodford Halse, NN11 3TW)

o      Monday to Sunday 07.00-22.00


The made version of the plan is also available here.

The Neighbourhood Plan pages on the Signpost have now been updated to reflect this decision and the completion of the creation of the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Your Privacy

You may know that new legislation comes into force at the end of this month governing the privacy of personal data and the ways in which it is used.

The legislation, known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) means that we had to update our privacy policy. You may see a pop-up screen to this effect when you connect to the site. This pop-up screen will reappear if we change our policy. Please read our Privacy Policy if you have not already done so: Privacy Policy.

We have emailed to all those that have registered to receive updates asking if they are happy for us to continue to use their data for this purpose.

We will also be contacting all those whose details appear in our on-line directories to check that they still wish to be included.

Front Page Changes

We’ve made a couple of changes to the front page of the Signpost, in order to make it a bit more friendly when read on mobile phones: we know over half of you look at the site that way!

You can now get to the page listing all the news items and to our PCSO’s twitter feed directly from the front page, without using the menus.

See the red-ringed links in the picture, left which shows how the village web site looks on a mobile phone.

You can also get at all the Signpost pages via the “menu” button at the top of your screen.

Events Diary Updated

A few new dates for your diary…..

April 28th: Daventry & District Memory Cafe Coffee Morning at the Memorial Hall: 10:00am to 12:00am

May 19th: The School’s fete with stalls, games, food, drinks and music in the school hall and playground with proceeds going to the school fsa and pool fund.

June 8th – 10th: Woodford Festival. The Woodford Halse Sports and Community Club’s event spread over three days at the SARA Field with camping, live bands and a whole raft of family activities.

Keep up to date with all these and more on our Events  page.



History Society Page

Some local groups have their own web sites and we are happy to link to those. For other groups, we can host a page here on the Signpost with more details than can be shown in the listing on the local directory pages. This can also work if your society has its own internet address.

The latest group to take advantage of this is the Woodford Halse History Society who have a new page here. This includes their current and past programmes, contacts and details of membership. The society page can also be reached directly at their own internet address



A new support agreement is being signed with Northamptonshire Police so that Woodford has full time access to a PCSO.


As part of that our PCSO will publish a monthly report which we will carry here on the PCSO Reports page.

PCSO Powers

It was also agreed that we should publish the details of the PCSO’s powers. These can be found here: PCSO Powers.

Police News on the Signpost

We’ve also taken this opportunity to restructure the part of the Signpost that deals with Local Policing (you can reach it under the Parish Council menu). The Local Policing page contains Carl’s contact details and other useful crime and police related information. There are now separate pages for local police news and for PCSO Monthly Reports and for PCSO Powers.

Village News Page

Because of the number of posts going up on the Signpost it can be easy to miss something and we can only show as small number of news posts listed on the front page. The old “Village News” page showed all the posts but it was difficult to scroll through them to find what you wanted.

We have changed the Village News page so that now it just shows the date of posting and the title of the news item. There are fifty posts on a page, so you shouldn’t have to scroll so much to find what you want. Just click on the links and the news item is displayed. (We know this looks a bit crowded at the moment but we will try to make it easier to read)

The old “Village News ” page is still available too. You can find it here or you can find it from the menu under “Village News” as “Village News Details”.

If you have any comments on this change please let us know with an email:

The Signpost Is Back

From Its Holidays!

Sorry if you have missed your regular dose of local news and information but now we are back.

Needless to say, the in-box is full. It will take us a few days to get all of the things we have online. So, check back every so often over the next few days in order to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

Plan Referendum & The Signpost

The forthcoming Neighbourhood Development Plan Referendum (see the post here) places strict limits on what the Parish Council can or cannot say during the referendum period.

Under Local Government guidelines, the Parish Council is not allowed to campaign either for or against the Plan. It can only provide factual information and advise people that they should vote in the referendum. The guidelines also restrict what Parish Council web sites may and may not publish. This includes sites that include the comments of other people.

For this reason, I am afraid that we have had to disable the comments facility on the Signpost and on the Signpost Facebook page. We have also turned off the automated feed linking the Signpost with Twitter.

These facilities will be reinstated on May 4th after the referendum.

The Woodford Halse Community page and other Woodford-related Facebook pages not published by the Parish Council are, of course, not affected by this.

Information on the rules governing any campaigning by groups in favour or against the plan will be published together with the formal announcement of the referendum.

Church Diary – March

We’ve updated the diary of local church services through to Sunday 1st April including the services planned for Easter.

Church Diary

You can always find the Church Diary from the top menu, under Events.

Web Site Report

Each year a report is compiled for Parish Council on how this web site is used.

The report covering 2017 is available here: Web Site Report to Council

The report also refers to the 2017 Signpost User Survey, which many village residents contributed to. It is available here.

The Editorial Guidelines referred to in the report are available through the “About this Site” page. (See link at bottom of page)

Apologies …

… to anyone that had problems accessing the Signpost this lunch time. We were off the air for over an hour due to problems with the servers that host our web site. These seem now to have been sorted out, although our hosting provider says that there may still be further outages.

Your Feedback…

Two pieces of feedback received in the recent survey were:-

1. Requesting that the editor’s email address be made more prominent.

2. Providing a page on local roadworks

These two features proved easy to implement so they have been added.

The editor’s email address,, is now at the top of the home page, just under the menu bar.

We have also been able to adapt the map of local traffic and planned roadworks. This has been added to the page Local Roadworks (Please read the details on the page which explain how to get the most from this map.)

The page can be accessed via the Local Transport page under the Local Directory page or via the menu bar at the top of the page under Local Directory.


Thanks to those that asked to be added to the web site’s subscription list to get automatic advice of new posts.

This has now been done. You should have an email asking you to verify that you wish to be added.

Anyone can ask to be added, so that you get these updates directly to your email box. Just enter your email address in the box at the bottom left hand corner of any page where it says “Subscribe!“.

Survey: Thanks

Our survey is now closed.

Thanks to everyone that responded to our online survey. We had almost twice the number of replies that we had to earlier surveys.

Your views will be used as part of the annual report about the Signpost to the Parish Council and will help to decide how the site is developed in the future.

We will share the results of the survey here shortly.

Survey: Last Chance

Our survey will close at midnight tonight.

Thanks to everyone that has responded so far but we want to give everyone a last chance to let us have their views. Feedback helps us to ensure the Village Signpost stays relevant to the needs of the village.

We know that not everyone uses the Internet but for those that do, we want the Signpost to be as useful as it can be.

Please help us by giving us your answers to the following questions or by clicking here to see the survey full screen).

Create your own user feedback survey

Don’t Forget Our Survey

We like to have your views on what makes this web site work for you. Feedback helps us to ensure the Village Signpost stays relevant to the needs of the village.

We know that not everyone uses the Internet but for those that do, we want the Signpost to be as useful as it can be.

Please help us by giving us your answers to the following questions or by clicking here to see the survey full screen).


Web Site Survey

Last year we asked users of the Signpost for their views. Feedback helps us to ensure the Village Signpost stays relevant to the needs of the village.

We know that not everyone uses the Internet but for those that do, we want the Signpost to be as useful as it can be.

Please help us by giving us your answers to the following questions or by clicking here to see the survey full screen).

Create your own user feedback survey


The Xmas News page is back!

There will be lots going on in Woodford over the Christmas period, so we’ve added a special page to collect up all the posts relating to his festive period.

You can find it here: Xmas News Page

Or, you can get it from the top menu under “Village News”

Ho, Ho, Ho!

New Website Feature

You have always been able to add your comments to any of the posts on the Signpost by simply filling in the form at the bottom of the page in question where it says… “Tell Us What You Think…” . (Please do – we like to have feed back and where it relates to parish Council issues it certainly gets sent on!)

If your comment is likely to be of interest to everyone, it will usually be approved and appear at the bottom of the page in question.  If it’s just a “you got this wrong….” I’ll just try to fix it and let you know.

Now we have added on the front page a list of the most recent comments so you can see new suggestions and thoughts from readers of the site. Look for it on the right, just under “Latest News” and “Follow Us”.

Minutes & Agendas

We publish the agenda and the minutes of every Parish Council meeting and meetings of Council sub-committees, such as the Great Central Woods Management Committee, the SARA Field Committee and the PCSO Liaison Committee.

These agendas and minutes are published as soon as possible after approval.

In order to make the publishing of these more efficient (actually to make it easier for the editor!) we have changed the way that the Minutes and Agenda pages are displayed.

Minutes from January 2017 can be opens in a new windowfound here or under the Parish Council entry in the menu bar.

Agendas from January 2017 can be opens in a new windowfound here or under the Parish Council entry in the menu bar.

Earlier minutes and agendas are on pages linked from each of the above.


A Little History of Great Central Woodland

We’ve added a page to the local history part of the Signpost to tell the story of the Bank and the woodland. You can find it here….

opens in a new windowTwo Men That Shaped The Woodland

A Railway Accident

You’re in the last coach of a train travelling at 70mph when it is uncoupled from the train in front and brought to a halt at the next station while the rest of the train carries on without it.

What could possibly go wrong?

Did you know that Woodford Halse was the scene of an accident that changed the way that some passenger trains were operated on the London and North Eastern Railway?

Was this an accident waiting to happen or just an unfortunate series of events? You can make your own mind up.

opens in a new windowRead about the accident here.

You can learn more about opens in a new windowWoodford & The Railway here or in our article on the opens in a new windowRailway and the Great Central Woodland.

Coming Soon!

WOW Special Edition

Watch out for a special, two page, edition of What’s On In Woodford coming through your door soon.

It will have an update on what’s been happening with the woods.

We will have an electronic version here as well but we want to make sure everyone in the village gets a chance to see this..

Walk Updates

We’ve updated the pages on Woodford Walks with details of how long each of the walks should take and some changes to take account of the fact that the bridleway and bridge over the Cherwell between West Farndon and Eydon via Butterfly Lane is now open.

You can find details of local walks here…. opens in a new window Woodford Walks.

Many thanks to Joe Pitt, our footpath warden, for providing this update.

Don’t forget there is a Woodford Walks Facebook page where you can share uyyourt own ideas on favorite local footpaths…. opens in a new windowWoodford Walks on Facebook.

Improving Openness

Over the past couple of weeks we have made some changes to the web site in order to improve access to important information about your Council and how it works.

In addition we have added a link on the opens in a new windowLocal Policing page to the local crime incident reports map which shows local crime.

The following changes have been made:-

Accounts & Budgets

Last year the Parish Council spent £140,000 on local services and amenities. Details of income and expenditure are shown each month in the minutes of the Parish Council meetings ( opens in a new windowavailable here) but we have now added a new page to the site which makes available the annual budget and the most recent financial statement of accounts.

You can find this under the opens in a new windowParish Council section of the site and the page itself is available here: opens in a new windowAccounts & Budgets.


Central Woods News

Management Committee First Meeting

Central Woods is the area of land purchased by the Parish Council in 2016 for the benefit of the community.

A Management Committee is being established to consider all matters relating to the land, reporting to the Parish Council. The committee will meet regulalry. Parish Council has nominated five members and has asked for a further five non-councillor members to be invovled.

The first meeting, which will involve nominated Parish Councillors and a number of residents that have expressed an interest in being involved, will take place on 26th January.

Here is the Agenda:-

opens in a new windowAgenda for First Management Committee Meeting 26-01-17

Details of meetings and news about the woodland will appear here on the Signpost. We’ve set up a page under opens in a new windowVillage Venues to carry this information: opens in a new windowCentral Woods.

Woodford Walks Update

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Thanks to June Irani for pointing out the Walking Britain web site which has suggestions for local walks.

I’ve added a link to this from our opens in a new windowWoodford Walks page.

Indoor Bowls Club

We’ve updated the detail for the Indoor Bowls Club on our page for opens in a new windowLocal Sports & Fitness Groups.

They meet now in Boddington Village Hall on Mondays 2:00 to 4:00 and 7:00 to 9:00pm.

Web Site Update

& Survey Feedback

Each year I do a report for Parish Council on how the Village Signpost is doing.

The Signpost was created by the Parish Council to provide on-line access to key information about the parish and the decisions taken by your Council.

Here is this year’s report: opens in a new windowWeb Site Report to Council 2016.

In summary the site was visited over 21,000 times with over 50,000 page views!

During December we also asked for your views to help steer the future of the web site. Thanks you to all that responded. Here is a summary of the results. opens in a new windowDecember 2016 Web Site Opinion Survey



If you asked to have your email address added to our list of subscribers in the recent web site survey you should have received an email asking you to authorise the subscription. Please click on it to make sure you get an email every time we add a post.

If you want to add your own email address you can do so by entering it here and clicking subscribe where its shown by the red arrow right….


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to You From the Signpost

Our web site survey is now closed. Thank you to every one that responded. We’ll report on the findings shortly. If you asked to be added to the automatic distribution of posts to your email we’ll sort that in the next few days.

In 2015 pages on the Signpost were visited just over 50,000 times! Thanks for dropping by.

Have a great 2017.

Survey Last Chance!

We’d like to get your views on this web site to help us improve its value to the village.300px-Internet

Just click on this link and answer 8 simple questions: opens in a new windowSignPost Survey 2016

We’ll keep this survey running until the end of December 31st, so you’ve got just one more day to let us have your thoughts.

Thank you for your input!

Whoops! WOW Fixed

We made some mistakes when we posted this month’s WOW.

It wasn’t added to the opens in a new windowWOW page and we missed out on uploading the opens in a new windowe-book version.

Apologies for any confusion caused. It should be all fixed now. (Fingers crossed)

Council Members Update

The page listing Parish Council Members has been updated with additonal contact details, a correction of Jo Gilford’s email address and new council member – Paul Blackwell.

See the full list here opens in a new windowCouncil Members

Plan FAQ Update

We’ve updated the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for the Neighbourhood Plan to take account of where we are now and what the next steps are.

You can find it here: opens in a new windowNeighbourhood Plan FAQ

Baby & Toddler Group

This has been missing from our list of local opens in a new windowschools & pre-school facilities  but we’re happy to correct that!

Woodford Halse Baby & Toddler Group runs each week on Friday mornings during term time, 9:30 to 11:30 in the Dryden Hall (next to the Library) in Woodford Halse. Children 0 to 5 years old.

You can reach them via their Facebook page or contact Louise Amos (also on Facebook) or by email:


MP Email…

I’ve just noticed an error in the email address that we had on the site for Chris Heaton-Harris, our Member of Parliament. This has now been corrected.

Don’t forget if you need to get in touch with your MP or your District or County Councillors, you can do so via the opens in a new windowemail addresses listed here.

Changes to “Other Nearby Villages”

Don’t forget the websites of other villages locally if your interested in what is going on in this corner of Northamptonshire.

There are links to opens in a new windownearby village websites here.


Correcting Links

The link to the Woodford Halse School web page was broken (it had changed from the original site) and the download link on the Business Directory page was broken too (probably finger trouble on my part).

These have now been fixed.

Plus. the report provided to Council at the end of last year regarding the web site had not been added here. This is now corrected. You can see it (and all previous reports) here…. opens in a new window About This Web Site.

If you spot a problem on the site, please let me know at:

History Update

An exchange on the village opens in a new windowFacebook Community Page made me realise that I hadn’t said anything about schooling in my “short history of the village”.

history-front-pageI’ve tried to put that right by adding a few paragraphs in the chapters “Into The Twentieth Century By Rail”, “Local Living in the Twenties & Thirties”, “Post War Development” & “Regeneration”.

The new version (Version 5) is available for download here: opens in a new windowA Short History of Woodford-Cum-Membris.

Or you can download it via the opens in a new windowHistory of the Village page.

Council Who’s Who

We’ve updated the opens in a new windowParish Council Members and the opens in a new windowWho Does What? pages to bring things up to date.

Contact details for your Parish Councillors are available here and there is also a list of activities that are managed by the council, some (like this web site) involving non-council members.

Local Businesses?

We’re planning an update to the Local Business Directory, so that we can let local people know about local businesses.

If you aren’t included and would like to be – its completely free for businesses based in the parish – just email your details to or fill in the Business Directory Update form.

Don’t forget to let us know about changes in your business.

Learn more here… opens in a new windowLocal Business Directory

New Planning Pages

We’ve added some pages to the web site covering questions related to local planning.

You can find the new pages here:- Planning

You can also find them under the “Parish Council” menu at the top of the page.

Let us know if there are other local planning questions you would like to see answered: –

Ann Walker’s Memories

Ann Walker has been kind enough to send us some photographs from Woodford in the early 1950’s.

The carnival queen is Audrey Bailey (Cammock) the 2 older attendants are Phyllis Fennell and Molly Sanders (Lucas). The young ones are Maureen Freeman (Morson)and Ann Walker (Wilson)

The carnival queen is Audrey Bailey (Cammock) the 2 older attendants are Phyllis Fennell and Molly Sanders (Lucas). The young ones are Maureen Freeman (Morson)and Ann Walker (Wilson)


We are happy to put them on-line as part of our “History of the Village”. See the opens in a new windowwhole gallery here.

Small Website Update…

Added details of the film opens in a new windowRails Into Ghost Town to the opens in a new windowWoodford & the Railway page.

Added details of the Garden Club’s 2016 programme to the opens in a new windowEvents page.

Fault Fixed

Sorry folks, due to finger trouble on my part the link to the DDC Ageing Well survey did not work.

It’s fixed now, or you can go there from here: –

Thanks to Pat Evans for pointing this out.

Latest Web Site Report

Every so often I do a report for the Council on how the Village Signpost web site is doing and it might be of wider interest too.

Here is the latest report: Web Site Report to Council January 2016.

Don’t forget to let us know about your event or business – we are always keen to include details of what’s going on locally.

Frith Collection Pictures

The Francis Frith Collection offers a number of pictures of old Woodford Halse as part of their archive. We’ve added a link to the pictures on the Village History Pictures page or you can get their directly from here…. opens in a new windowFrancis Frith Collection. Pictures can be viewed for free and you can order prints with or without frames from Fancis Frith.

(Thanks to Lucy Allen on Facebook for posting these originally.)

March Council Minutes

Now Available On-Line

The Minutes of the March Parish Council Meeting are now available on line:

opens in a new windowMarch Parish Council Minutes

These minutes include details of how the Council is spending its budget and decisions made on your behalf plus electronic media guidelines and web site privacy policy (already published here). Don’t forget you can always find opens in a new windowdetails of meeting minutes here.

Edgcote Battlefield

Wars of the Roses Fight

Not far from here, at Edgcote, in July 1469, a battle between the forces of the Earl of Pembroke and those loyal to the Earl of Warwick took place. Pembroke lost allowing Edward IV to be taken into “protection” by Warwick. You can find out more about the fight and how to opens in a new windowvisit the battlefield here.

A plaque has been erected at Trafford Bridge on the Culworth to Wardington Road describing the battle.  We’ve linked this from the entry in opens in a new windowWoodford’s Time Line.





Chuffed To Bits

More Railway Pictures

We were lucky enough to find some more photographs of Woodford’s railway past at the Leicestershire Record Office and they have been kind enough to allow us to publish them here.

Here they are. We have also added them to the gallery on our page of Pictures of Woodford’s Railway.  Please note the copyright restriction.

Photographs marked (c) Leicester County Council are sourced from opens in a new windowImage Leicestershire and are used with permission. More details can be found by entering the picture number, “Lnnnn”, on their search facility. Photographs on this page are copyright as identified and can only be downloaded for personal use.


Nearby History

We’ve updated the opens in a new windowWoodford Halse Timeline.

Details have been added as follows:-

More History…

We’ve added some more photos to the gallery of pictures of Woodford’s History here:  opens in a new windowWoodford Now & Then.

Last passenger train to London, Marylebone,  3/9/66. Locomotive 44984, ex-LMS 'Black 5' (Photo: Taryna Adkins)

Last passenger train to London, Marylebone, 3/9/66. Locomotive 44984, ex-LMS ‘Black 5’ (Photo: Taryna Adkins)

Many thanks to Taryna Adkins for the photo’s of Woodford’s last passenger train and the railway hostel fire.

Editorial Guidelines

How we operate this web site….

This web site is run on behalf of the Parish Council but the web site editor is not a member of Council. For that reason, and so that all our readers can understand the way in which the web site is run the Parish Council has agreed a set of guidelines for the web site.

In the interests of openness, those guidelines are published here and are also available via the About This Site page.

The guidelines are available here: Editorial Guidelines V1

At the recent Parish Council the Privacy Policy of the site was also approved. The latest version is available here: Privacy Policy.

Web Site News

Fourth Web Site Update

This report was provided to Parish Council at the meeting yesterday as part of the regular review of the Woodford Halse Village Signpost.

The Woodford Halse Village Signpost web site has now been running for just over a year 300px-Internetand a half. This report updates the details from the report in July with information from July to December 2014.

This is a summary of the report. opens in a new windowThe full version can be found here.


  • There were over 9600 web site visits in the six months July to December viewing over 21,000 pages.
  • The Signpost web site is still ranked #2 (after our Wikipedia entry) on searches for “Woodford Halse” on Google, Google search is still how most people find us.

  • We have 208 Facebook “Likes” (up from 164 in June) – these people get all our updates on their Facebook feed automatically.

  • 144 news items were put on the site between July and December.

  • We still need to improve interaction with the community with more groups contributing material to the web site.

  • Most users access the site through mobile phones or tablets (53% of users with these compared with 47% using a laptop or desktop computer). The design of the site is a compromise layout intended to work reasonably on both types of device.

  • The three most popular pages were Village News, Parish Council Minutes and WOW.

  • The three most popular news items were Northampton’s sale of the Egyptian statue, Harley Equestrian’s new shop & cafe, and Fawsley Hall Jobs.


Church Diary April 2015

Details Available Via The Events Page

Each month the Church Diary of services is published in WOW but we also put the details on-line linked to our events page. Here is the latest version:-

church diary march april 2015


Venue Bookings

Details of Hire Rates & Conditions

memorial_centreWe’ve added details of the hire rates, licenses available and the terms and conditions applying to rental of the village venues ( opens in a new windowMemorial Hall, opens in a new windowDryden Hall, Farndon Room) to the Signpost.

You can find the details here or download the Hire Agreement here.

Full payment is required immediately upon signing the Hire Agreement in order to reserve the period(s) required. A signed copy of the Hire Agreement has to be completed and delivered to the Booking Clerk with payment.

These rates apply from 1st April 2015.



Local History News

Library Sessions & Street Stories Update

We’ve made a couple of changes to the “ opens in a new windowStories of our Streets” page to include Manor Road, Manor Close and Jubilee Gardens omitted previously (apologies to residents!) and to correct a couple of typos.

Also the local history sessions are continuing in the Library for another two Sundays for anyone that wants to go along.

On 8th February at 2:00pm the topic will be Hinton.

On 15th February at 2:00pm there will be a visit to the Social Club to see the model railway showing Woodford in its heyday. Numbers are limited for this so please call Maureen on 01327 262939 if you are interested.

Stories of Our Street Names

What’s Behind Your Street’s Name?

A recent collection of postings on Facebook was looking at the reasons why the Parish’s streets have the names that they do.


We’ve collected up a number of different pieces of information on each of the roads and paths around the village and together they tell a fascinating tale, reflecting much of the history of the parish.

Why not have a look and see what is known about your street?

Many thanks to Maureen Tregonnel (who is running the opens in a new windowweekly local history sessions on Sundays in the Library) for reviewing the first draft and including helpful, additional detail.

You’ll find the opens in a new windowlist of streets and their stories here or by going to the opens in a new windowHistory of The Village page.

A Sweet Update

Smillies Cakes & Pops

We’ve added details of Smillies Cakes & Pops to our opens in a new windowBusiness Directory in the “Eating Out and In” section.

cakesnpopsThey offer cakes for any occasion, sweet buffets with Sweetie Cart or Ferris Wheels, 4ft led LOVE letters and much much more.

They are fully registered, insured and inspected by Environmental Health with a 5* rating.

You can reach them via Catriona Smillie on the web at / (or on Facebook), by email at or phone 07969728751.

Don’t forget, we are always happy to publicise local businesses. You can send in details of your business here: opens in a new windowBusiness Directory Form

Advice Services

New Page Added To The Signpost

xigMoM8rTFollowing on from some posts on the Woodford Community Facebook page, it seemed like a good idea to add a page here on groups like Citizen’s Advice.

You can find the page here: Advice & Help.

Railway Video

We’ve added a link to a YouTube video showing railway working around Woodford Halse as part of our opens in a new window“Woodford & The Railway” page and you can view it here.

The video shows trains working around Woodford in the British Railways era, referencing the GC (Great Central), SMJ (Stratford & Midland Junction) and GWR (Great Western Railway) workings. Skip forward to 0:39 for the start of the video:


Thanks to Mel Hancock for sharing this on the Pictures of Old Woodford & Byfield Facebook page. We would love to feature more photographs of Woodford’s history here on the Signpost. If you have pictures that you would be prepared to share why not send them to us:

Who’s Responsible?

Councillors & Council Services

We’ve added a new page to the web site showing which Parish Councillors are involved in the business groups that look after each area of Parish Council business. You can use this list to find out who is best to help with any particular problem you may have.

Parish Council : Who Does What?

You’ll find this page under the Parish Council menu at the top of the page….


Signpost Problems 09/12/14

Yesterday evening the web site was off-line for some time. This was due to a fault with the computers on which our site is run.

opens in a new windowEnglish: www,domain,internet,web,netThese problems appear to have now been rectified and the site is operating normally.

Our apologies if this caused you any problems.

In future, if we are aware of faults on the site we will post a note on our opens in a new windowFacebook page which is kept on different computers.

And, don’t forget that you can always contact the editor  by sending an email to: if you cannot see the site.


On-Line Services

More and more government services are available on-line and that includes services from your district and county council.

Northamptonshire County Council recently sent us details of their Click It campaign and we’ve used them to set up a page for the County on this web site, listing the services you can find on-line and linking to them. We’ve also added details for similar services available from Daventry District Council. These are all in the new Local Government section of the opens in a new windowVillage Directory.

We hope to be adding more details about the Parish Council’s work in future updates too.

Here’s what Northants County Council had to say…..

There are an increasing number of services available via the county council website, including applying for a school place, paying a parking fine and renewing a bus pass.

image003People can also go online to order their child’s school meals, register for a blue badge parking permit and check their eligibility for free childcare for under twos. The county council’s Can You Click It? campaign aims to drive more people to the website for commonly-used services rather than phoning the customer service centre.

Plan Email Update

Email Correction

homer-simpson-dohIn the post on the Neighbourhood Plan posted on June 13th we made a mistake in Bob Snedker’s email address. The link was correct but the text was wrong and so if you sent an email to Bob using that address and haven’t had a response please check to see if you have the correct address which is:-

Bob is happy to get your views on the Neighbourhood Plan. Watch out for the questionnaire in this month’s WOW to get your chance to win £50 or take the survey here.

On-Line Library

We are trying a new way of publishing documents on the site. Some of you may have noticed that the latest WOW is available as a downloadable document as usual or as a “flip book” that you can read on-line. Now we’ve added a Flip Book Bookcase where commonly read documents will also be available.

You can get to it from our top menu via Local Directory : On-Line Library or directly here: Bookcase.

Let us know what you think about this new facility. Drop us an email to the editor.

Latest Woodford Walk

We’ve added the latest of Footpath Warden Joe Pitt’s Woodford Walk (from the July /August WOW), to our collected Village Walks.

walk #4This one takes you a round trip from Eydon down to Jack’s Forge and the Cherwell Valley.

Woodford Walk #4

Play Park Pictures

On the opens in a new windowWoodford Halse Community Facebook page, Joanna Graham suggested posting a few pictures of the play park equipment.

Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall

We’re only too happy to oblige and we’ve added a gallery to the Play Park page. (Takes a few seconds to load – depending on your broadband speed!)




Play Park Access

I took my grandchildren down to the play park last week and they had a grand time but it took us a while to find it.

I’ve updated the details on the opens in a new windowplay park page to explain the way into the park better.

Access is from the footpath off the north-western end of Elm Drive not far from Chestnut Close or from the western end of Willow Close . You can find the park here on the opens in a new windowvillage map. If you zoom in on the satellite view you can actually see some of the play park equipment!


If your kids haven’t been down there I can recommend it. The grandchildren particularly enjoyed the climbing wall and the swings.


Web Site Report

Six Month Update.

Each six months we do a report on the Village Web site for the Parish Council and we have just produced one for the six months from January to June 2014 for the September meeting of the Parish Council.

signpostsSince it might be of wider interest we are happy to publish it here.

Web Site Report July 2014

If you have any comments on the report or you would like to make any suggestions for the Village Signpost we would be happy to hear from you.

Just email us at:

Earlier reports are available on the About This Site page.

Community Group Web Sites

Support For Building Your Own

300px-InternetThe Village Signpost web site is built using a free tool called WordPress. This lets any group get a web site on-line easily and quickly.

Northampton ACRE helped us to get started and other community groups might be interested to set up your own sites.

If you would like to learn more there is a workshop on 17th July to explain more.

Details here:-  ACRE Workshop Poster 17-07-14

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda

The agenda for next week’s annual parish meeting is now available on the Meeting Agendas page or here: Annual Parish Meeting Agenda.

The list of Councillors has also been updated.

Woodford Poetry

Peter Coleman, one-time Woodford resident, has kindly provided three poems about the  village for the web site and we’ve added them to a new section as part of “Now & Then”: Poems on Woodford.

One celebrates the ridge and furrow, another Woodford’s railway past and the third the quirky bridge across the Cherwell.

We would love to include other poetry or to showcase photographs or other art depicting village life and concerns. Just send them to us! In the mean time many thanks to Peter for his contribution.

Latest “Woodford Walk”

Cherry Tree Farm Walk Added

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe walk from this month’s WOW has been added to the Woodford Walks page. Thanks to our Footpath Warden, Joe Pitt, for this new stroll taking in some of Woodford’s railway heritage.

You can find the walk details here.

New Feature: Woodford Walks

Walk Guides & Maps On The Web Site

opens in a new windowbootsIn this month’s WOW there was the first of a series of local walks in the countryside around Woodford. Joe Pitt, our Footpath Warden has provided a short description of the walk and there’s a simple guide map too. For the web site we’ve added links to other information of interest.

We hope to publish more soon so you can get the most out of the wonderful countryside we live in.

The Woodford Walks page can be found here.

Also see our opens in a new windowLocal Footpaths page.

A Few Web Site Updates

Mainly things from this month’s WOW…

Don’t forget we are only too happy to carry details of your events, club or other organisation here on the web site. Just email us at:

New Look: Feedback Please

I have found out how to edit the thing that controls the web site’s overall style and you may have noticed a couple of changes. Namely:-

opens in a new windowTimes New Roman

Times New Roman (Photo credit: Brett Jordan)

  • I have made the default font a sans-serif one rather than  Times Roman as before as I think this looks clearer, escpecially on mobile devices (many of our readers access the site this way).
  • I have changed the colour of the text used as links to Olive, which I think fits better with the framing colour of green.

How do people feel about this?  Drop a message on Facebook or email me if you’d like the old look back or if you have any other comments.

Local History : New Dates

Latest Programme Now Available

Martin Rowling will talk on making the Culworth Jubilee Clock at December’s History Society meeting. (Photo: Banbury Guardian)

We’ve added the December to May programme of events for the Woodford Halse History Society to our opens in a new windowEvents Page.

Next up in December, retired blacksmith Martin Rowling will talk about designing and building the unique Culworth Jubilee clock.

The Society meets each month from September to May to hear about some aspect of local history.

Don’t forget that anyone can turn up for these talks for just £2.50 a meeting or, if you are interested in local history then you can support the Society by joining for £10.00 a year and attend the meetings for free.

PLUS : the Comittee is looking for extra support & new ideas for speakers. Contact Julie Williams or Phil Bainbridge on 01327 262371.

Where were you in ’86?

Woodford’s Digital Domesday

As part of looking around the web for interesting things to do with Woodford, I came across the BBC’s Digital Domesday entry for Woodford Halse.

Do you remember this project to document every area of the UK on “laser disks”? If you were involved in contributing to the Woodford entry, maybe you never got to see what you provided (the computers and disk players were too expensive for many schools).

Well, about two years ago it was available on-line on the BBC’s web site.  The opens in a new windowWoodford entry can be accessed here. I’ve also added a link from the Woodford opens in a new windowhistory time-line page. If you don’t remember the Domesday project here’s a nostalgic look back to the “Tomorrow’s World”  programme that featured the project in November 1986: opens in a new windowHoward Stapleford & Maggie Philbin explain Domesday.

Open All Hours Page

 Shop Opening Times

Shops In Station Road

Shops In Station Road

One of the things requested in the recent web site survey was details of shop opening times.

We have these available now on this page: opens in a new windowOpen All Hours?

And you can also download it as a PDF document here: opens in a new windowShop Opening Times.

If there are details we need to add or correct, please let us know: opens in a new windowWeb Site Editor

Signpost Survey Feedback

What We Learned

300px-InternetFirst of all, many thanks to those that completed the web site survey. Although the numbers weren’t great there were some useful responses and some helpful ideas.

We’ve put together the data from the survey and some additional information that we get from the statistics collected by the site and by Google and tried to draw some conclusions.

Here’s the report that was provided for the Parish Council meeting last week:

Web Site Report October 2013

What are we going to do about it?

Some things are relatively easy to do. Ideas such as “Quick Contacts” for essential telephone numbers and a better guide to local planning can easily be done and we will try to put those in place as quickly as we can.

Other things that would be useful such as dedicated pages for local societies could be done if the societies want to put forward someone to maintain the area in question (we can easily make access available to parts of the site to allow this).

Generally we don’t want to reproduce things that people are doing in other ways (e.g. the Old Pictures of Woodford or the Things for Sale Facebook pages) and there are many things that Twitter and Facebook are much better for.

Some of things that people felt were unimportant we will either not put any further effort into or remove if we find it helps to make the rest of the site more useful.

BUT we do want to be a place where people can find the local information they need easily, so we will be looking at implementing as many of the ideas suggested as we can, given the resources available to us.

If you have any additional ideas you can always email me at:

Survey : Thanks!

Thanks to all those that took part in our web site survey.

We’ll be analysing the results from the survey and putting those together with data from the actual use that people make of the site.

Then we can see what that all means for future developments.  Watch out for news in a week or two. We plan to summarise the results and set out some sort of road map for future work, although everything depends on time and skills available.

Of course we’re always open to ideas. You can reach the web site editor at

We’re #1 At On-line Engagement

Village Signpost Wins Northants Award of Excellence!

awards-manAvid readers of our site will know that our new web site was made possible by the initiative of Northants ACRE in running training and organising an on-line forum and discussion sessions to help the development of new community web sites. As part of this, ACRE has been running a competition to find the best Northamptonshire parish web site in various categories and we are among the winners!

Woodford Halse Village Signpost won the “Website with most on-line engagement” category and came third in the “Best Overall Website” (Geddington was the overall winner).

Web site award 001

To find out more about the competition you can visit the opens in a new windowACRE Web Site.

Our prize was an activity session for up to 16 young people at the Frontier Centre. The Parish Council is deciding how to organise this. Since part of the criteria for this award was the number of clicks through from Facebook and other media, everyone who has visited the site has helped us to win and has helped to make it possible for some Woodford young folk to have a great day out. Thanks everyone!


ACRE’s Village Viewpoint

Action with Communities in Rural England

Hunsbury Centre - ACRE's home.

ACRE’s latest newsletter is out with news of:-

  • Heritage Open Day at Hunsbury Hill
  • Northamptonshire’s Best Villages Competition results
  • Conservation Churchyard awards
  • Saving on heating bills with ACRE’s Bulk Oil Buying Scheme
  • Latest on the communities web site scheme

And much more. Read it here: ACRE Village Viewpoint Summer 2013

Web Site News

Two quick pieces of web site news….

1. We’ve added some useful links to the opens in a new windowlocal history page  about English Heritage’s list of local historic sites, details of the village census from 1851 to 1951 and Woodford’s listed buildings.

2. Many thanks to all those that have responded to opens in a new windowour survey about the web site. We’ve had some very interesting feedback and some excellent suggestions about things you’d like to see. There’s still time to give your views : we’ll be keeping it open and promoting it in the next issue of WoW so that people who don’t necessarily know the site yet get a chance too. If you’ve got friends that haven’t responded ask them to let us have their views.

Youth Club News

We’ve add a page for Youth Club News. Find out more about Woodford’s new Youth Club and join in. We’ll update this with more details as the group gets under way.

(To make room we’ve moved Northants News & Local Weather under the Village Directory. Hope this doesn’t inconvenience you too much.)

The club is holding a kick off on 19th August at 6:00pm in the Hinton Rooms so that parents and potential members can find out what they are about…

We Want Your Views!

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The Woodford Halse Village Signpost web site has been running for more than three months now. We want your views on how we should improve it.

Please complete our 7 question survey to help us make it better for village users.

Many thanks.

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Support Group Page

We’ve added a new page to provide links to the range of support groups that help those with health issues and their carers. If you know others that you think we should add, please send the details to:

ACRE Hosts Village Web Authors

Northants ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) hosted a second evening for village web site authors as part of their programme to promote local web sites in rural areas.

We went along to see what tips we could pick up and hopefully you’ll see the results over the coming weeks and months.

One thing you will see soon is a banner about our cookies policy which we have to include to comply with EU law and the regulations of the UK Information Commissioner (the e-Privacy Directive). More news on this soon.

Web Site News

Local News & Links

A couple of changes to the web site that you might find helpful.

opens in a new windowInternetWe’re now carrying details of news from across Northamptonshire using their new item collection service. You can find it here: opens in a new windowNorthants News Page.

We’ve also added links to the opens in a new windowweb sites of nearby villages so that you can keep in touch with what’s on in Byfield, Eydon, Charwelton & Preston Capes.

Pocket (Park) Camera

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASince it’s a lovely day, I took my camera for a walk up to the Pocket Park. It’s very lush up there and the long grass is pretty wet but its worth exploring to see how many wild flowers you can find.

You can see a gallery of pictures on the Pocket Park page. Not quite Spring Watch standard (I’m still practicing with my long lens) but a few nice shots.

Why send in your own pictures of life in and around Woodford for our photo competition?