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In February 2020, Daventry District Council adopted the Woodford Halse and Hinton Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan Supplementary Planning Document which brought into force a conservation area across parts of the parish.

The administration of planning issues related to the Conservation Area now falls under the remit of West Northamptonshire Council but is still handled via the planning department in Daventry.

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The Conservation Area means that different planning permission rules apply within the area.
Details of the plan can be found below.

Pages 6 & 7 of the Appraisal and Management Plan (see below) detail the areas where householders need to be aware of the rules.

Some of the issues included are:

  • If you wish to demolish a building within a conservation area you will need planning permission.
  • If you wish to cut down, top or lop any tree over 75mm in diameter at 1.5m above ground, you must inform West Northamptonshire Council six weeks before work begins.
  • Some other works within conservation areas require planning permission such as exterior cladding, side extensions or rear extensions of more than one storey; alterations to roofs, including dormer windows; installation of solar panels or satellite dishes and antennae; demolition or erection of walls over 1m in height adjacent to a public highway.

In addition, while other minor works (including the replacement of windows and doors) remain as ‘permitted development’ within conservation areas, West Northamtponshire Council can introduce special controls, known as Article 4 Directions, that withdraw particular permitted development rights, so that planning permission is required for these changes.

West Northamptonshire Council is exploring the possible use of Article 4 Directions as part of this conservation area appraisals project. Page 85 of the plan lists the properties included as part of this.

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