A Few Simple Rules….

woodland entry sign

For Enjoying The Woodland

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the woodland so please make sure that your enjoyment doesn’t spoil it for others by keeping to these few simple rules.

  1. We ask dog walkers to please keep your dog under control. Clear up any mess and place in any of the village poo bins.
  2. Please don’t litter, take your litter home.
  3. No motorcycles or quad bikes in the woodland, wetland or on the paths.
  4. No fires or barbeques and no camping, please.
  5. Please take care. The Woodland is a natural habitat and is entered at your own risk. Woodford-cum-Membris Parish Council take no responsibility for any injuries incurred.
  6. If you see a problem, let us know! Email: hazards@greatcentralwoodland.org