Managing Flood Risks

Landowners, homeowners, developers and local government all have a part to play in helping to reduce the risks of flooding. The Parish Council plays an important role in managing flood risk at the community level by preparing community flood plans, raising additional funding for local flood resilience and flood defence measures, and gathering information on flooding by reporting any flood incidents in their area.

Rainfall on woodford

Howard Burdett is the Parish Councillor who takes the lead on flood risk alleviation for the Council.

Parish residents can access the data from the flood level monitor at the Cherwell Bridge on Station Road. You can view it here or follow it on Twitter to get updates to your own feed instantly.

You can find out more about flooding in Northamptonshire and measures to reduce the risk of damage to your property in the Northamptonshire Flood Tool Kit.


This is the Woodford Flood Risk and Mitigation Plan.

WOODFORD-HALSE-Community-Flood-Risk-and-Mitigation-Investigation Sept 2018


You can download the document here (caution, large file: 15.6Mb).