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Medical Centre Planning Update

Those on Facebook and those that have commented to the Council will have already seen a letter from West Northants Council advising that they have decided to close the application.

The Medical Centre has posted the following in response…

We had not posted anything as we are taking legal advice but I see for the first time ever the planning officer has done something quickly we usually wait months for them to respond to anything but they have already sent letters out.

At the last planning meeting, the council asked us to get detailed costings to build the new medical centre and proof the funds were available to build – this has all been done. They also asked for revised drawings which were also done – all of this costing more money.

The surgery has been unable to reach an agreement with highways but the two previous application hearings went ahead knowing this, however, the new planning team have decided that without highways approval they will not take the application back to the committee this is despite granting planning to extend the industrial estate in Woodford with space for over 100 more vehicles.


  • Brian Hedges says:

    The extra traffic argument must now surely be a dead duck, although I suspect that WNC planners will have some cynical, outrageous point of view to try to justify their ludicrous decision.

    • Mgt Rogers says:

      Surely the fact that Byfield Parish Council objected to the proposal because of the 70 plus extra houses going to be built did not help the application.

  • Carol says:

    Something isn’t right….

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