Council Standard Documents

Rules & Regulations

Your Parish Council operates under a set of regulations, codes of practice and standards.

Details are provided here.

Code of Conduct

When acting as representatives of the Council, all Council Members are required to conform to this Code of Conduct. If anyone believes that a Council Member has contravened the Code, a complaint should be made in the first instance to the Parish Clerk  or to the West Northamptonshire Council Monitoring Officer.

Standing Orders

Standing Orders provide the framework for running the Council and govern such matters as how decisions are made, how budgets are set, how expenditure is authorised and so on. These are your Parish Council’s Standing Orders.

Register of Interests

Councillors are obliged to register any personal interests that they may have in respect of Council business. This list is available on the West Northamptonshire Council web site and can be accessed here:- opens in a new windowWoodford cum Membris Parish Councillors Register of Interests.

Financial Matters

Councillors are unpaid. Council staff members are paid according to nationally recommended formulae. Councillors and staff are reimbursed with actual expenditure on approved items. (Details appear in Council Minutes) No parish councillor or staff member receives an “Allowance”. The Parish Clerk  has been nominated as the Parish’s Responsible Financial Officer.  These are the Financial Regulations governing Council.

Freedom of Information

Like all public bodies your Council has to conform to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. As part of that the Council is required to publish the information that it has available and how to access it. This is that Publication Scheme and the Council’s Freedom of Information Declaration. (NB. These documents are being reviewed). Requests for information not available on this web site or in other published media should be directed to the Parish Clerk and clearly marked “Freedom of Information Request”.

Data Protection

The Council is a registered Data Controller under the provisions of the Data Protection Act. This is the Council’s Data Controller Certificate of Registration.

Health & Safety

The Council uses a health and safety procedure in respect of its management of its venues and estates. This is the Health & Safety Procedure.