Parish Elections

How Is Your Council Chosen?

Parish Council elections in England are held according to the following rules:-

  1. A council has a defined number of councillors, based on the population of the parish. (In the case of Woodford cum Membris parish it is 14).
  2. Councillors serve for a term of four years before becoming eligible for re-election. At that point all those wishing to stand for a further term must seek nomination and face a possible election.
  3. If there are more nominees than seats, an election is held and the 14 candidates receiving the most votes form the new Council.
  4. If there are fewer nominees than seats. no election is held and all those nominated form the new Council. The Council can then co-opt additional members as it sees fit.
  5. If a Councillor leaves the Council between elections, a “Notice of Casual Vacancy” is posted, allowing electors of the Parish to request an election for the vacant seat (if 10 or more residents so request). If no election is held, the Council can co-opt a replacement.

Residents wishing to become councillors should contact the Parish Clerk.