Planning & The Parish Council

Planning and local development is something that affects us all and the Woodford cum Membris Parish Council has a part to play in local planning matters.

planningAs part of the planning system, your Parish Council can comment on all planning applications within the Parish (it cannot approve or reject them, though). When the Council comments on planning, the properties making an application and the reference numbers can always be found in Council Meeting Minutes.

The Council always advises which applications are going to be considered at a Parish Council meeting in the agenda published beforehand. Members of the public can comment to West Northamptonshire Council or to Parish Councillors or the Clerk beforehand or can attend Council meetings to hear planning applications being discussed.

These pages should help you with local planning issues….

Who Approves Local Planning Applications?

What Does The Parish Council Do On Planning?

How Can I Find Out About Local Planning Applications?

How Can I Comment On Or Object To A Planning Application?

Do I Need Planning Permission For A Development?

Neighbourhood Plan

Since April 2018, Woodford cum Membris has an approved Neighbourhood Development Plan which is used in relation to local planning decisions. You can read about it and download a copy here:-

Woodford’s Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Conservation Area

In February 2020, Daventry District Council approved a conservation area in Woodford Halse and Hinton. You can find out more about the conservation areas here:-

Woodford & Hinton Conservation Area

Housing Needs Survey

In 2016, a survey of the parish housing needs was carried out. It will shortly be updated but a copy of the 2016 survey is available here:-

Parish Housing Needs Survey 2016