How Can I Find Out About Local Planning Applications?

You can find out about local planning applications in a number of ways.

  • Local notices. Planning applications will be notified by a yellow notice posted on or near to the site or premises concerned. The notice will carry an application number that you can use to get more details.
  • Parish Council Meetings. The Parish Council is notified of plans and they are discussed at Parish Council meetings. The reference to the Planning Application is included in the agenda of the council meeting that will discuss it. The agenda of meetings is always published here. You can always go along to listen or comment.
  • From the West Northamptonshire Council Planning web site. They publish weekly all applications received and decisions made and opens in a new windowthey can be read here. You can find details of their meetings here.

How Do I View The Details Of An Application?

West Northamptonshire still uses the old Daventry District Council system that lets you search for the details of planning applications, including the plans.  You can enter the details you need to opens in a new windowfind an application here.

You can also find details of planning applications in the Library or at West Northamptonshire Council offices.

West Northamptonshire Council provides access to the Planning Aggregator, a way to show all undetermined planning applications in a particular area or parish.  The tool is accessible via their website.  To use the Planning Aggregator:

  1. Click on this link: Mapping within West Northants
  2. Tick ‘I agree’
  3. Select ‘exit search’
  4. Select ‘boundaries, planning, voting’ from the drop down menu (6 of 7 options)
  5. Select ‘planning apps non determined’
  6. Move around the map, zoom in and out, to the area you want to look at.
  7. Click on any link to see a summary/description – then click on the link to the planning portal if you want to see more information.