Neighbourhood Development Plan Consultation

Building the plan needed the input of residents, groups and local businesses on many issues. Consultation phases have been completed and village residents had the chance to approve the plan in a referendum.

What Has Happened?

The plan has completed the consultation process and has been considered by an external examiner.

The examiner and the the District Council decided that the plan can put to the village in a local referendum.

The referendum will took place on May 3rd, 2017.

The final versions of documents held by the District Council can be found here.

The results of the DDC consultation process, which finished on October 9th 2017, can be found here.

The latest version of the Plan is this: Neighbourhood Development Plan, July 2017.

Related Documents

Associated with the plan are several additional documents.

These are the SEA (Stategic Environmental Assessment), (which was produced by the Daventry District Council), the Basic Conditions Statement, which explains the rules or core principles used to write the plan, and the Consultation Statement which describes the journey that the neighbourhood development plan team, and the village, have been on as they wrote the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

(Please note: The Consultation Statement includes comments on the Parish Council response and action to each of the points raised in the first round of consultation, page numbers in the table refer to pages in the Regulation 14 Consultation version of the plan).

You can also access the consultation list documents of local businesses, local organisations and other bodies which show the people and organisations who have been kept informed during our journey.

Earlier Consultation

Regulation 14 Consultation

“Regulation 14 Consultation” closed on November 14th 2016.

The Plan Steering Group would like to thank all those that have submitted comments, suggestions and support. They received over 50 separate submissions.

Consultation #2

As part of drafting the proposed Neighbourhood Plan we collected local views on one of our proposed objectives which is “To preserve and enhance local natural and built heritage assets”.

To meet that objective we identified “non-designated heritage assets”, meaning buildings or aspects of the village that we think are important even though they may not be listed buildings or designated wildlife areas etc.

Consultation #1

An initial consultation was carried out to identify three priorities for the plan using this  opens in a new window“3 Priorities” Consultation form here

This stage of the consultation closed on 14th October 2014.