Plan Documents

Made Version

The “made” version of the Plan, the one on which planning decisions in our village will now be based,  is available here:

Neighbourhood Development Plan (Made Version) E-Book Version

Other documents relating to the decision on the plan can be found here:- Daventry District Made Neighbourhood Plans

Earlier Versions

Earlier versions of the plan can be found below:

The Referendum version of the plan and related documents are available here….

Neighbourhood Plan (Referendum Version)
Report of the Examiner
Summary of Representations Made To The Examiner
Basic Conditions & Compliance Statement
General Statement About Planning & Neighbourhood Plans
Information Statement

The Made version of the plan supercedes all earlier versions. Remaining versions are available as a historical record only.

The Regulation 16 version on the plan is available here:-

July 2017 Version of the Plan (Regulation 16) (includes corrected map)
Consultation Statement
Basic Conditions Statement
Environmental Screening

Documents Relating To Earlier Versions

Here are the most important documents related to the earlier versions of plan. Documents are available as a PDF down load.

Regulation 14 Plan Version
Plan Summary
Consultation Comment Form

Supporting Papers

Supporting papers are also available:-

Environmental Analysis Report
Parish Housing Survey 2016