Who Does What?

Councillors & Council Services

Woodford Parish Council looks after a number of aspects of village life. It does this through the monthly council meetings. Some Parish Councillors (marked * below) take the lead on specific areas of activity.

Council Managed Activities

Council managed activities and those involved are:-

Council has sub-committees dealing with the certain areas. These comittees operate to terms of reference determined by the Parish Council. Details of committees and latest minutes for each can be found via the following links:-

Council also has representatives on various other bodies as follows:-

+ Other trustee is the current ecclesiastical parish incumbent.

Role of Council Members & The Parish Clerk

Council Members are responsible for seeing that the Council meets its obligations to deliver certain local services. Council Members consult with residents and local firms, make proposals, vote on proposals and are responsible for implementing the Council’s decisions. Council Members are unpaid and elected (usually, but see here). They are expected to represent the views of parish residents and local businesses in Council discussions and in discussions with other bodies such as the County Council, although they also bring their own experience and knowledge to discussions and decisions. Parish Councils are not run on party political lines and Members do not have to be members of a political party to serve.

The Parish Clerk is employed by the Council to provide administrative support for the Council’s activities.  The clerk’s primary responsibility is to advise the Council on whether its decisions are lawful and to recommend ways in which decisions can be implemented. To help with this, the Clerk can be asked to provide unbiased information to help the Council to make appropriate choices. The Clerk does not take decisions on Council matters and does not vote on motions at Council meetings. The Council is responsible for all decisions and the Clerk takes instructions from the Council as a body. The Clerk is not answerable to any individual councillor – not even the Chairman.