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February Council Meeting

Change of Date to 23rd February

The meeting of the Parish Council which was scheduled to take place on the 9th of February will now take place on Tuesday 23rd February.

The agenda will be available here as usual.

Parish Council Minutes

Below are the minutes for the Parish Council of 10th November. There is news of what your Parish Council is doing including an update on the Railway Embankment and details of safety reviews at village playgrounds.

opens in a new windowParish Council Minutes 1oth November

Parish Council Minutes

Below are the minutes for the Parish Council of 13th October. These contain some details of the discussions relating on parking and the good news that DDC has approved the Council’s application for borrowing related to the railway embankment.

opens in a new windowParish Council Minutes 13th October

Parish Council Minutes

Below are the minutes for the Parish Council of 8th September. These contain some details of the discussions relating to the railway woodland and also Council’s response to the latest planning application relating to the Grants Hill Development…..

opens in a new windowParish Council Minutes 8th September

Parish Council – Planning

Thursday 13th August : Dryden Hall

Although Council does not usually meet in August there are planning matters to be considered and so there will be a Council meeting to examine these at 7:00pm next Thursday.

NOTE: Different meeting venue from usual.

The full agenda is here: Planning Only Council Meeting- 13 August 2015

March 10 Council Agenda

The agenda for the next parish council meeting on March 10th is available on the Meeting Agendas page and here:-

opens in a new windowMarch Parish Council Agenda

Issues for discussion include:-

  • review of Council’s controls and audit arrangements.
  • Reports on flooding / drainage, the Neighbourhood Plan and the Parish Communications Group (WOW & Web site, etc)
  • Arrangements for Northampton Community Enhancement Gangs
  • Planning applications in Quinton Lane, Ash Way & Charwelton Road.

13/01 Parish Council

Here is the agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting of the Parish Council, 7:00pm in the Memorial Hall…

Parish Council Agenda 13 January 2015

Anyone can attend.

Some important issues for discussion this month, among other regular items, include:-

  • Budget setting for 2015/16.
  • Street lighting on the Grants Hill Byfield Rd development
  • Next steps on the West Farndon – Eydon bridleway
  • Guidance on councillors use of social media.


Who’s Responsible?

Councillors & Council Services

We’ve added a new page to the web site showing which Parish Councillors are involved in the business groups that look after each area of Parish Council business. You can use this list to find out who is best to help with any particular problem you may have.

Parish Council : Who Does What?

You’ll find this page under the Parish Council menu at the top of the page….

09/12 Parish Council Agenda

Here is the agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting of the Parish Council, 7:00pm in the Memorial Hall…

Parish Council Agenda 09 December 2014

Anyone can attend.

Some important issues for discussion this month, among other regular items, include:-

  • Consultation by Northamptonshire County Highways on parking restrictions in Station Road and adjoining terraces.
  • Northamptonshire County Fire & Rescue Service Community Protection Plan. (Copy available here)
  • Proposals on future issues of the WOW
  • Planning applications


11/11 Parish Council Agenda

Here is the agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting of the Parish Council, 7:00pm in the Memorial Hall…

Parish Council Agenda 11 November 2014

Anyone can attend.

Issues for discussion include:-

  • WW1 Commemoration Designs for the Memorial Centre
  • Report on Traffic Speed in the Village
  • Neighbourhood Plan Update
  • Issues on village venues, including servicing of heating boilers, fire risk assessments and recommendations on the pricing of hall lettings.


14/10 Parish Council Agenda

Here is the agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting of the Parish Council.

14 October Parish Council Agenda

Anyone can attend.

Issues for discussion include:-

  • Draw for the £50 prize for Neighbourhood Plan responses
  • Update on the Woodford – Eydon bridleway bridge
  • New planning applications
  • Issues relating Parish Council expenditure


Parish Council Appeal

Castle Road, Cherwell Terrace, Percy Road & Sidney Road

An appeal on refuse collection & parking from the Parish Council…..

“Finding a suitable on-street parking place becomes increasingly more difficult in our crowded streets. From time to time, refuse & recycling crews are prevented from collecting in Castle Road, Cherwell Terrace, Percy Road and Sidney Road due to parking that blocks the road for the collection trucks.

“Can all residents please take care when parking to allow full access for all highway users and let your visitors know too, especially on Wednesday nights and Thursdays.

“Thank you.

“Your Parish Council.”

09/09 Parish Council Agenda

Here is the agenda for next Tuesday’s meeting of the Parish Council.

September 2014 Parish Council Agenda

Anyone can attend.

Issues for discussion include:-

  • Filling five vacancies on Council
  • Spending on repairs to Dryden Hall and the Farndon / Hinton Rooms & Library
  • New planning applications at Slade Lays Farm and Pool Farm
  • Issues relating to the Sara Field


June Council Minutes

Here are the minutes for June’s Parish Council meeting. Items covered included:-

  • Council changes following May elections
  • Updates on planning issues relating to Farndon Road, Slade Lays Farm, Dairy Farm & Great Ground Farm

Parish Council  Minutes 03 June 2014

May Council Minutes

Latest approved Parish Council minutes (6th May 2014) are now available.

Includes a report from the new Highways Warden and the usual account of receipts and payments for Council expenditure.

Parish Council Minutes 06 May 2014

Help Build Our Community

Parish Councillors Needed : Be One Of The Five

The parish council is looking to fill 5 vacancies starting with the 9th September meeting. memorial_centre

Key activities of the Council are:

  • Responsible for budgeted expenditure £120k
  • Running & renovating three halls
  • Grass & grounds maintenance
  • Street lighting
  • WoW & Website publishing
  • Giving local perspectives on planning issues large and small

You need to have been a resident of the parish for 12 months. If you have the relevant skills and expertise,vision & energy, and can give some time over a couple of years to the community, your contribution will be welcomed.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a long time local or a relative newcomer or whether or not you see your long term future in Woodford, all local residents are welcome to be part of building our community through the work of the Council.

Interested persons to contact Gary Smith, the Parish Clerk, by email at PC-woodford@daventrydc.gov.uk.

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda

The agenda for next week’s annual parish meeting is now available on the Meeting Agendas page or here: Annual Parish Meeting Agenda.

The list of Councillors has also been updated.

Nominations for Parish Council

Here is a list of all those nominated to serve on our Parish Council. Since there are fewer nominations than positions, there won’t be an election for Parish Council.

Statement of Persons Nominated – Woodford Parish

(The original can be found on the Daventry District Council web site opens in a new windowhere.)

May Council Meeting

Here’s the agenda for next week’s Council Meeting. As you will see (item 6) it seems that there weren’t enough nominations for new councillors to require an election, so Council will be reviewing what that means going forward.

Other items include:-

  • planning (including appeals and amendments on the Grants Hill / Byfield Road applications)
  • the report on the halls letting policy and fees

Parish Council Agenda 06 May 2014

March Council Meeting Minutes

Latest News From Parish Council

The minutes of the March Parish Council Meeting are now available here:-

Parish Council Meeting Minutes 11 March 2014

(minutes are published immediately after they are approved at the subsequent Parish Council meeting)

The March minutes include:-

  • Chairman explains how Parish Council sets its agenda
  • Police Report to Council
  • Proposed Conservation Area in Pool Street
  • Parish Council’s views on the Byfield Road Development
  • Encouraging people to be Councillors

May Elections : Nominations

Notice of Elections for Parish Council, District Council & European Parliament

box_with_XOn the 22nd of May we will have the opportunity to vote for our representatives on the Woodford cum Membris Parish Council, Daventry District Council and at the European Parliament.

Don’t forget you can only vote if you have registered to vote. You can find out more on registering here on the opens in a new windowElectoral Commission’s Web Site.

Nominations from those wishing to stand are invited in the notices below. In the case of the Parish Council if fewer than fourteen individuals are nominated then all those putting themselves forward will form the new Council. Nomination papers must be delivered by no later than 4:00pm on Thursday, 24th April 2014.

The notices also contain details of when apply a postal vote or proxy vote application must be received.

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor, the Electoral Commission opens in a new windowcan let you know if you are eligible to stand and if you want to go ahead there is this useful guide to how it all works. You can find nomination forms and more information on opens in a new windowthis area of the Commission’s web site.  (The forms are under Section 2a.)




April Parish Council Meeting

The agenda for next week’s meeting is now available:-

Parish Council Agenda 08 April 2014

Items for discussion include:-

  • An update from the Highway Warden
  • A report on the Neighbourhood Plan
  • New & Updated Planning Applications
  • Setting up a group to review charging for village venues

Latest Council Minutes

Budget Set For 2015

The minutes from the Parish Council Meeting of January 14th are now available on line on opens in a new windowthis page.

Also available are the latest income and expenditure statements and the budget set by the Council for 2014/2015. The Parish Council will spend £150,000 of your money this year. You can see how these decisions are made in the regular meeting minutes and see where the money comes from and where it goes to in these statements.

Latest Council Minutes

The latest council minutes (December) are now available on line. These include the Council’s views and recommendations on the Planning Application at Slade Lays Farm for a replacement barn and other planning applications.

Also available minutes of the 9th January public meeting on the Farndon Road development:-

Don’t forget you can always find Parish Council opens in a new windowmeeting agendas here and opens in a new windowminutes here.

Council Minutes – November

Minutes of the 12th November meeting now available.

library2Minutes of last November’s Parish Council meeting are now available with details of the Heritage Trust’s plans, a garden for the library and issues related to planning ….

Council Minutes 12 November 2013

Council minutes also provide a list of receipts and payments showing how the Council spends your money. The full set are available on this page.


July 9th Council Agenda

DSC00425Here’s the agenda for this month’s Parish Council at 18:30 (note earlier start time) in the Memorial Hall. Apart for the regular items there are:-

Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Parish Council Agenda 09 July 2013



Annual Meeting – More News

Here’s an update to news about the Annual Parish Meeting.

The hall will be open from 6:00 pm to allow you to see the various table-top displays  by local groups. Come along and chat to people involved in many of the different activities around the village. There will be tea and coffee provided by the Woodford WI.

Also: Police Crime Prevention Design Adviser, Sharon Henley, is coming along. Although not presenting she will be will be available to take questions about Community Policing in the village.

2013 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda

Annual Parish Meeting

This year’s Annual Parish Meeting takes place on Tuesday 28th May in the Memorial Hall at 7:00 pm.

Why not come along and hear what the various groups in the village have been doing over the last year?

Here’s the agenda…

2013 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda

If your organisation isn’t represented so far and you’d like to contribute, contact the Parish Council Chairman (june.irani@btconnect.com) or the Clerk before 25th May..

Parish Council Election Results

Welcome our new Parish Councillors; Helen Durkin, Aimee Ford-Young and Bob Snedker.box_with_X

The official result of the poll is here:

Declaration of Result Woodford Parish Council

Agenda for First Meeting of New Council

Following the elections on May 2nd, the first meeting of the new Parish Council will take place on May 7th.

The agenda is available here:   Parish Council Agenda 7th May 2013.

NOTE: This meeting is in the Village Centre (Hinton / Farndon Rooms) NOT the Memorial Hall as usual.

Latest Council Minutes

The March council meeting minutes were approved at the April meeting and are now available here….. Parish Council Minutes.

Stuff covered includes… reports of the committee dealing with the various village halls, problems arising from the Slade Leys Farm plant hire business, additional dog waste bins and discussions on flood risk at Pool Street and Hinton Road.

Parish Council : Vote May 2nd

You have your chance to make sure you get the Parish Councillors you want on May 2nd.box_with_X

Four nominations have been received for the three vacancies on the Council. On May 2nd you can vote for your preferred candidates.

Details of the nominees are in this notice.

IMPORTANT: Please see this notice about polling stations.

Broadband Update

Thanks to all that responded to the village broadband survey. If you didn’t get your views in already we can still take account of them if you complete the survey here….. Broadband Survey.

opens in a new windowbroadband

broadband (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

The Government has announced an additional £20M funding programme (known as “Round 3 of the Rural Community Broadband Fund”) for rural broadband and the Parish Council intends to put in a bid to improve the service we can get here.  Watch out for more news here.

Parish Council Minutes

Latest Parish Council Minutes (Feburary) are now available here:-
opens in a new windowParish Council Minutes 12 February 2013

Also added minutes of the January 8th meeting which includes the details of the Parish Council budget of income and expenditure for 2013-14.

Details of this and previous meetings are available on-line here.

County & Parish Council Elections

Anyone wishing to stand as a County Councillor needs to have nomination papers in by box_with_XNOON on Friday, April 5th. The election will take place on Thursday 2nd May 2013. The Notice of Election is here:

opens in a new windowNotice Of Election – COUNTY COUNCIL

Anyone wishing to stand as a Parish Councillor needs to have nomination papers in by NOON on Friday, April 5th. If there are more than three nominees, the election will take place on Thursday 2nd May 2013. The Notice of Election is here:

opens in a new windowNotice Of Election – PARISH COUNCIL

Parish Council Vacancies

Three vacancies have arisen on the Parish Council. If ten electors request a bye election then one will be held, otherwise the Parish Council is free to co-opt new councillors.

Details can be found in this notice:

Notice of Council Vacancies 11th March 2013

Old Woodford Halse Web Site

Please note that the old Woodford Halse web site is no longer being used for Parish Notices or for the WoW.

This means that only comments on this site and this email adoldsitedress – info@woodfordcummembris-pc.gov.uk – are monitored by the Parish Council and the WoW editors. Please do not use the WhatsOn@ or WOW@  email addresses after this time as we will not be able to respond to them.

The old Parish Council minutes, agendas and editions of WoW published on-line at www.woodfordhalse.co.uk will not be available after 30th April and at present we do not intend to reload them here. Minutes of Parish Council meetings for and after October 2012 are available here. Minutes of earlier meeting continue to be available at the Library.