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A361 Roadworks

Possible Delays: March 16th to 20th

More roadworks newsroadworks.

B T Open Reach will working on the A361 near Marley Farm on the southern edge of Byfield between March 16th and 20th.

There will be two way traffic light control, so some delays can be expected..

Here is a link to the Roadworks.org site with some details: opens in a new windowA361 Roadworks.

Don’t forget you can always check road works on this page…. Signpost Road Works



A361 Roadworks: July 8-12

Gully Emptying: Possible Delays

More roadworks newsroadworks.

Northants County Council will be emptying gullies on the A361 between the A45 junction at Daventry and the Oxfordshire border over the four days between July 8th and 12th.

There will be rolling works with stop-go boards controlling traffic, so it’s not easy to say when and where congestion will occur.

Here is a link to the Roadworks.org site with some details: opens in a new windowA361 Roadworks.



A361 Closure – Update

Now only 5 days from July 25th!

More roadworks newsroadworks.

There’s an update on the planned closure of the A361.

It will now only take 5 days from July 25th.

Here is a link to a map on the Wardington Parish Council site showing the closure (in red) and the proposed diversion (in blue): opens in a new windowA361 Closure.

Further information regarding the works may be obtained by contacting Jessie Liang, OCC Highways & Transport on 0845 310 11 11.


A361 Closed : July 25 – 29

Leave the EU? Soon you won’t be able to leave the village!

More roadworks newsroadworks, I’m afraid.

Oxford County Council has advised that in the interests of public safety it is necessary  to close a short section of A361 at Williamscott near Wardington to facilitate carriageway resurfacing works. There will also be a temporary weight limit restriction on the side roads off the A361 at Williamscott, leading to Chacombe and Upper Wardington.

Here is a link to a map on the Wardington Parish Council site showing the closure (in red) and the proposed diversion (in blue): opens in a new windowA361 Closure.

The closure will operate from 25 July 2016. The estimated duration of the works is 5 days.

Further information regarding the works may be obtained by contacting Jessie Liang, OCC Highways & Transport on 0845 310 11 11.


More Road Works

Two more lots of road works starting today…

roadworks opens in a new window(1) Station Road.
Traffic control with two way signals for Anglian Water. 16th – 20th June.

opens in a new window(2) Eydon Road. Work near Paddocks Farm for Anglian Water. 16th & !7th June

Don’t forget you can set your own local roadworks alert at opens in a new windowroadworks.org.

Road Works : School Street.

15th to 17th March

Update from Roadworks.org.

Location: School Street, Woodford Halse, Northamptonshire
Dates: 15 March — 17 March
Delays:  unlikely, Traffic control (give & take)
Works location: Library/Village Hall
Works description: Communication Pipe Repair In The Varriageway
Responsibility for works: Anglian Water
Current status: Planned work about to start

Latest on Byfield Roadworks

Here is the latest situation on the Roadworks.org site regarding the road closure of Byfield Road.  You can keep up to date with details on the opens in a new windowRoadworks.org site BUT it always defaults to showing roadworks on the day you access it so for future roadworks you need to enter the appropriate dates…



The original Signpost information opens in a new windowwith the diversion is here.

More Cross Country News

Carl Barton, our PCSO, has passed on the following advice….

“Woodford Halse Primary school will be hoisting their annual cross country event on Wednesday 9th March from 4pm until 5.30pm. The event is county wide and will have around 600 children taking part this year.

“As you can imagine with the number of children attending this event, there have been issues with traffic in the past, mainly due to parents bringing their children to the event and parking their vehicles in the village.

“This year I intend to cone off some roads. The junction of Byfield Road and Scrivens Hill will be coned off.

“The school are expecting 7 coaches which will be parked at the Football Fields.

“Thank you in advance for your patience.”

More Byfield Road Closures

As part of the new development that is under construction on Byfield Road in Woodford Halse Taylor Wimpey are installing a major new drainage system and undertaking road improvement works. 

MV Kelly, on behalf of Taylor Wimpey, have requested a road closure to facilitate the works safely which will require the road to be closed during the works in sections for up to five months. 

Representatives of Northamptonshire Highways have held site meetings with MV Kelly and Taylor Wimpey to ensure that the works will be completed with the least disruption to the residents.  It is expected that the works will commence on the 1st March 2016 …….

opens in a new windowThis map shows the stretch of road that will be affected by closures (in red) and the proposed diversion (in blue).

opens in a new windowttr0542Details of the dates of closure are not yet available but will be available here and at opens in a new windowroadworks.org.

Road Closure Update

More information from Parish Councillor Pat Knight, as of Friday 15/01/2016, reagrding the road closure January 18th to 20th…..

“I have just clarified the position with NCC and Stagecoach. The road closure will be operational between 0900 and 1530 on the three days. The Byfield Road will be closed from The Lodge as you come into the village from Byfield to Phipps Road.

“The Stagecoach bus will miss out the stops on the Byfield Road i.e Membris Way stop and The Fire Station. The buses will enter the village on the Farndon Road from Byfield to The Green by The Club. They will then go along Phipps Road to the Byfield Road, turn right to Scrivens Hill. Turn right into Scrivens Hill, along Station Road back to The Club. Left at The Club onto Hinton Road then left on The Farndon Road and out of the village, under the railway bridge and right on the back road to Byfield where they will then go right towards Daventry on the A361 through Charwelton or left on the A361 to Banbury. They will NOT be using the Preston Capes Road to Charwelton.

“The diversion route for vehicles to leave the village will be Preston Capes Road to the water tower then to Charwelton or Farndon Road if going towards Banbury.

“This information is accurate as of this time and replaces any previous information. The contacts at NCC are David Coleman, 01604 883400, and Carol the Ops Manager at Stagecoach Banbury. Hopefully this helps. Have a good weekend.”

Byfield Rd Closure Warning.

18th to 20th January.

Northamptonshire Highways will be carrying out carriageway patching works on a short section of the Byfield Road between Hinton Lodge and Phipps Road.


To undertake this work safely will require that the road is closed for up to three days between 09.15 and 15.30 and it is expected to commence on the 18th January 2016.

A diversion will be in operation during the time the road is closed.

opens in a new windowSee this diagramme – closure indicated in RED, diversion indicated in BLUE.

Stagecoach haven’t posted details of bus service alterations but they should appear here….

opens in a new windowhttps://www.stagecoachbus.com/regional-service-updates/midlands/northamptonshire?date=1453075200000

Road Closure & Buses

27th July for 5 days – Byfield Road: Scrivens Hill to Phipps Road

IMG_0502Stagecoach Buses have now provided an update regarding bus services during the closure of the Byfield Road.

The road will be closed for up to five days from the 27th July between 09.15 and 15.30.

Buses will not serve the Phipps Road stop on Byfield Road, Byfield Road stop on Scriven’s Hill and Quinton Lane stop on Station Road.

Passengers should use alternative stops on Phipps Road at Hinton Close or Foxglove Avenue.

Stagecoach have posted details here:- opens in a new windowStagecoach Service 200 Updates


Byfield Road Closure

27th July for 5 days – Byfield Road: Scrivens Hill to Phipps Road

Northamptonshire Highways will be carrying out carriageway patching works along a section of the Byfield Road between Scrivens Hill and Phipps Road.

To undertake this work safely, the road will be closed for up to five days from the 27th July between 09.15 and 15.30.

There is no update yet on how buses will be affected but details should be posted here:- opens in a new windowhttps://www.stagecoachbus.com/tis-service-updates.aspx

Northampton Highways have responded as follows to a query regarding access to the Trading Estate… “Yes access will be maintained to any roads off the closed section.  There may be restrictions on times etc but you should be contacted in writing from the Construction team giving more information.”

This map shows the closure area (in red) and the diversion (in blue).

opens in a new windowbyfield road closure 2707 to 3105

Don’t Forget – Street Doctor

Street Problems Can Be Reported On-Line

Don’t forget Northampton County Council has an on-line service to allow you to report highway problems.

Reach it here: opens in a new windowwww.northamptonshire.gov.uk/streetdoctor

See more details here:-

opens in a new windowstreetStreet Doctor is just one of the many helpful links and phone numbers on our opens in a new windowQuick Contacts page.

Byfield Road Closure

22nd to 24th June

Anglian Water’s contractors Clancy Docwra Ltd. are going to install a new water main outside 61 Byfield Road in Woodford Halse.  To undertake this work safely, the road will be closed for up to three days from the 22nd June 2015.

byfield road closure

Click on the plan above for the location of the closure (in red) and diversion route (in blue).  We don’t yet have information on how buses will be affected but will update this post when we do. The best information we have now (22/05/15) from Stagecoach Buses is “There is currently no information available for the proposed changes. …. Once we have an update it will be posted under the ‘ opens in a new windowservice updates’ section of the website.”

For further information about the works please contact Carly Goldsmith on 01522 341247. You can also keep up to date on road works at opens in a new windowroadworks.org.

Did You See This Accident?

Appeal Following A Serious  Accident on the A14

A 28-year-old man has been left with life changing injuries after a road traffic collision on the A14 westbound yesterday afternoon (March 9th).

The man was driving a white Renault Master van at about 3.20pm between junction 1 and Catthorpe Interchange, when it was in collision with the back of a green Scania LGV being driven by a 50-year-old man.

The air ambulance landed to take the injured motorist to University Hospital Coventry where he is in a serious condition.

Police would like to speak to anyone who may have witnessed the incident.

Anyone with information or who witnessed this incident is asked to call the Drivewatch Hotline on 0800 174615.

A361 Changes

Chipping Warden Bypass Proposed

As part of the HS2 construction programme a by-pass taking the A361 around Chipping Warden is to be constructed according to the Northamptonshire Chronicle.



You can find out more here:-

opens in a new windowNorthants Chronicle on Chipping Warden By-Pass

or at the Northants County Council web site:-

opens in a new windowA361 Chipping Warden Relief Road


Warning – Farndon Rd Closure

Woodford Halse – Farndon Road – Disused Railway Bridge

Northamptonshire Highways plans to start work on the bridge on Monday 16 February 2015. It is scheduled to last for three weeks, however some extension may be required depending on progress.

opens in a new windowEnglish: UK traffic sign: Road works or tempor...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Works will involve replacement & re-pointing of stone & brick areas. No major structural repairs are required.

The road will be closed to traffic [which is likely to also affect pedestrians and equestrians] from 09.15 to 15.30 hours on working days, for health & safety reasons. Northamptonshire Highways appreciates this may cause some inconvenience and will also put in place a signed diversion route.

The Highways Engineer running the scheme is Robert Carroll [tel: 01604 883400].

You can also find out more at opens in a new windowRoadworks.org. To use this you will need to click on “customise my map”, then “road closures and diversions” and select “next 12 months”. Zoom in to Woodford Halse and click on the digging man road sign.

School Parking Issues?

Meeting on School Parking

schoolThere will be a meeting at Woodford Halse School in the conference room on Tuesday January 27th at 9.15 to discuss parking along the school route.

Parents are welcome. Councillors, our local PCSO and the highways warden are attending the meeting.

Parking – Latest

An Update From Parish Council Meeting 09/12/2014

Gary Denby has provided an update on the discussions on parking at the recent Parish Council meeting……

“Parking in the old part of the village was a main point of concern raised in the Village Plan survey carried out in October 2014. On 9th December the Parish Council received petitions against yellow lines from local shop keepers and other parties, along with eleven suggestions to alleviate the long standing parking issues.”

“Our Northamptonshire County Councillor, Robin Brown, was in attendance and agreed to carry these views back to Northamptonshire Highways. He considered these proposals as a waste of County Council funds, (particularly when faced with needing to save £66 million next year) – proceeding to consultation without prior reference to community leaders (Parish Council). From his experience, this is being repeated in many villages in similar situations. Thus he will be seeking an explanation from the Head of Northamptonshire Highways, as to why and how this waste of effort can be triggered by a single letter of complaint.”

“Our Parish Clerk was also instructed to email a letter of objection to any additional yellow lines to Northamptonshire Highways.”






Parish Council Appeal

Castle Road, Cherwell Terrace, Percy Road & Sidney Road

An appeal on refuse collection & parking from the Parish Council…..

“Finding a suitable on-street parking place becomes increasingly more difficult in our crowded streets. From time to time, refuse & recycling crews are prevented from collecting in Castle Road, Cherwell Terrace, Percy Road and Sidney Road due to parking that blocks the road for the collection trucks.

“Can all residents please take care when parking to allow full access for all highway users and let your visitors know too, especially on Wednesday nights and Thursdays.

“Thank you.

“Your Parish Council.”

Road Closure: 26-29/08

Station Road & Hinton Road  Closure (Updated)

Roadworks will close the stretch between Hinton Road and Station Road around the area of the bridge over the Cherwell during the day between 26th and 29th August.

Untitled-2According to road signs the road will be closed between 08:00 and 16:00 (or possibly 09:15 and 15:30 – information differs) each day but the opens in a new windowroadworks.org  web site doesn’t have this detail. We’ll update this post if more details become available.

Diversion will be via Phipps Road, Byfield Road & Scrivens Hill. Bus route 200 will also be affected. The following information has been received from Stagecoach:-

The bus service will operate normally when the road is NOT closed. The road will be CLOSED between 09:00am and 3:30pm. Outside these hours the route will be: Byfield Road right into Membris right into Ash Way then onto Phipps Road, left onto Byfield Road and back out the village.

Scrivens Hill and Kings Corner bus stops will be missed out during the closure times.

For the stop opposite the fire station passengers should cross to the stop on the other side of the road and the bus will collect and drop there.

Please note all the changes are effective only between the road closure times. Outside these times the service will operate normally.

This map shows the details. (Closure in red, diversion in dark blue)

Grand Prix Traffic Alert!

Road Closures for British Grand Prix Announced

Lewis Hamilton driving for McLaren at the 2007...The Highways Agency has published details of the planned road closures for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone over the coming weekend.

A leaflet from the Highways Agency showing the traffic plans is available here:-

British Grand Prix 2014 – Services and Traffic Information Leaflet

The A43 will be closed to through traffic from 5am to 9pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 4, 5 and 6, between Towcester and Welsh Lane (B4525). The A361 is one of the chosen diversion routes for the A43 and other traffic measures involve the Bugbrooke – Lichborough road. With some 230,000 spectators attending over the three days some level of traffic disruption is almost inevitable.


Local diversions, managed by the Highways Agency, will be in place and local residents have been sent leaflets with details of those diversions.

The Highways Agency press release can be found here:

opens in a new windowwww.highways.gov.uk/news/press-releases/

A361 Closure 10-21/03

The A361 will apparently be closed at Badby for up to 12 days from the 10th March for urgent carriageway patching, drainage/civil works and vegetation removal due to safety concerns. opens in a new windowUK roadworks sign. In other European countries...

The road will be closed between Badby House and the turning to Newnham Lane whilst the works are carried out. This plan – A361 diversion map – shows the extent of the closure in red and the signed diversion route in blue.

If you require more information about the works to be carried out please contact Adam Bradley/John Turner at MGWSP on 01604 883400.

The details do not appear to be available yet via the Northants County Council roadworks web site. Here’s a useful link to check out local roadworks by zooming in on their map….

opens in a new windowhttp://roadworks.org/


Highway Warden

Local Liaison With Northamptonshire Highways

Pat Knight, a Woodford resident for over five years and recently retired police officer, has taken on the voluntary role of Highway Warden for the parish.

potholePat’s aim is to act as a liaison between the local community and Northamptonshire Highways to help improve roads and pavements around the village. Individual potholes or other road defects should still be reported through Street Doctor but Pat will coordinate follow up on broader or long term problems and he can also make requests for minor road works (such as dropped kerbs at junctions or crossing points, speed limit changes or missing / damaged road signs).

You can find out more on the front page of this month’s WOW and you can contact Pat by phone on 07854 430247 or by email on woodfordhighwaywarden@yahoo.co.uk.

Adams Road Closure

March 25th – 27th

Here’s advanced warning for service repairs that Anglian Water intends to carry out at the end of March 2014.  Adams Road will be closed between Anscomb Way and the Co-op to allow repairs to a water main.

Here’s a map showing the closure and diversion.

Road Closure & Diversion!

No Access to A361 from Byfield Road

Western Power Distribution is carrying out installation works on a section of Woodford Road, Byfield as part of an on-going scheme.

DiversionDue to the location of the works it will be necessary to close the road to through traffic from the 28th October until the 11th November 2013.  Residents who access the road via The Causeway and Fessey Road will still have access to their properties.

There will be no direct access from Woodford Halse to the A361 using the Byfield Road.

This plan shows the planned closure and the diversion route…

Woodford Road Closure & Diversion