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The Flare Report App

Flare Report is a new app for Apple and Android devices that is to help make the streets of Northamptonshire be and feel safer for women and girls.

The Flare Report App allows women to report, anonymously and quickly, any incidents or behaviour that make them feel unsafe when they are out and about in Northamptonshire.

Police will collate and analyse the reports made, so that problem areas can be identified and action taken to improve those areas where people feel unsafe.

Flare is free to download and can be installed on any mobile device.

Women and girls can use it to report incidents and behaviour that are inappropriate and make them feel unsafe, such as cat calling, comments or touching, street harassment or other threatening behaviour.  Crimes can be reported on Flare Report but not if they need an immediate police response.

Flare is not for reporting crimes in progress.

Police will check reports every day to make sure that nothing that needs an urgent response has been submitted. 

Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold has brought the app to the county with the hope that reports made on Flare will help to build a clearer picture of where incidents are happening and give women the confidence to report things that might otherwise go unreported.

We know anecdotally that many women and girls simply would not report incidents like cat-calling, street harassment or even unwanted touching to Police, either because they are embarrassed, or they don’t think it will be taken seriously. I also know that this is a daily experience for many women. We can’t live in a community where women accept that harassment is just something that happens to everyone, we must call it out. Flare Report is the mechanism for doing that.

I want Flare Report to boost women’s confidence and encourage them to report street harassment. And then I want us to be able to show the public what we have done about it. This is the only way to start the conversation and put a line in the sand about the kind of behaviour we will accept in our society.
-Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold

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