History of the Village

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The pictures above show just some of the history of the village. If you are interested in learning more there is a collection of local history books available in the library or you can find out more in Cedric Pulford’s short summary, “Big Enough But Small Enough” or view our timeline to get a picture of the Parish through the centuries. You can also learn about the stories behind our street names.

A Short History

opens in a new windowA short history of the village is available for download in A4 format here. Alternatively you can have the same thing as an A5 format document here.

You can find out about shopping  in Woodford in 1977 here and learn about Woodford in 1952 here. Learn a little of Woodford’s cinema here. In 1985, the local school put together a profile of the village as part of the BBC’s Domesday project. You can read their work here.

A group of local history enthusiasts maintains the village history archive. Their web site is here:- opens in a new windowWoodford Halse Archive. The archive group has put together a history walk on their web site. You can opens in a new windowfind the details here.

Want To See More Pictures?

There are some more pictures of old Woodford, Hinton & West Farndon on the following pages or you can find many more of the “Pictures of Old Woodford” Facebook group. (If you have pictures of the village’s past and would like to share them we would love to add them to our galleries. Just email them to woodfordsignpost.editor@gmail.com)

Woodford & The Railway

The railway played an important part in the development of Woodford. You can learn more about it on our Woodford & the Railway page.

You can see the impact it had on the two villages of Woodford Halse and Hinton  in this map from around 1900 (Castle Road, Sidney Road and Percy Road were begun in 1898 but are not yet completed on the map)….

Woodford circa 1900

Other Information

Some other useful links to external sites include:-