Woodland Memorial Glade

The Great Central Woodland runs in part along the old Great Central Railway embankment, between Station Road and Byfield Road. Woodford-cum-Membris Parish Council.

The Memorial Glade

The Woodland Management Committee recognises the importance of this area to the history of the parish as a whole and to the families of those who worked on the railway in particular.

rowan treeThe Parish Council would like to help families commemorate their loved ones (whether or not they worked on the railway) and create a pleasant environment for all visitors. To this end we have created a Memorial Glade on top of the embankment, close to the path from Station Road to the Co-op.

There are areas where cremation ashes may be scattered; there is a memorial stone where commemorative plaques to deceased residents of the parish can be displayed. Those whose lives are commemorated here are recorded in a Memorial Book, which is also available here.

These pages give guidelines for the use of the Memorial Area. The guidelines are also available here as a printable file for download. Download a printable copy of the guidelines here.

PLEASE NOTE: No mementos such as vases, statues, flowers, wreaths, balloons or other ornamentation etc., are permitted on or around the benches, near the memorial stone or elsewhere in the Memorial Glade or anywhere in the Woodland.

Learn More About The Memorial Glade

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For Permission To Scatter Ashes

For permission to scatter ashes in the Glade, please contact the Parish Clerk, whose details are below.

For more information, please contact memorials@greatcentralwoodland.org, or the Parish Clerk:

Gary Smith, (Parish Clerk)

The Retreat, High Street,

Woodford Halse

NN11 3RQ

Tel: 01327 261169