Scattering Ashes

Applications to scatter ashes must be made in writing to Kay Coles,
24 Castle Road, Woodford Halse, NN1 3RS.

Rowan TreeYou can scatter the ashes yourself, but we ask that a member of our woodland team is present, as ashes may only be scattered in designated areas; alternatively we can do the scattering for you.

If you wish to hold a short memorial service in the Glade for family and friends before scattering the ashes of your loved one, this can be arranged.

It is worth taking some time to think about your scattering ceremony, once you have agreed a date you might also want to think about who is going to do what, as well as whether anyone is going to say a few words.

Some Thoughts On Scattering

Here are some thoughts on how to scatter ashes:

  • There are more ashes than you may realise: they can cover quite a large area.
  • Keep the container below waist height.
  • Make sure party members are up wind so that the ashes will blow away from you.
  • Don’t ‘up-end’ the canister unless you have a rake, it can be quite undignified should you then need level the ashes.
  • The container you use to scatter the remains is a matter of personal choice, but some people have found scattering tubes to be the best option. Ask your Funeral Director about Urns and ‘Scattering Tubes’
  • Please don’t leave the container or urn behind.

Only Human remains may be scattered within the memorial glade.

Tubes for scattering ashes

Scattering Tubes



Download a printable copy of these guidelines here.

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